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16 May 2017
IRF Geneva & partners launch a new knowledge repository on Road Safety

The International Road Federation (IRF Geneva) - supporting global action aiming at halving the number of road death and injuries from road crashes by 2020 - releases today a new knowledge repository on road safety. The Global Transport Knowledge Practice (gTKP) hosts work produced by Project Group 1 and Project Group 2 of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration Group (UNRSC). The release is being made possible by work of many of the members of the UNRSC and support from the World Bank hosted Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) and from RoadSafe UK.

12 May 2017
Press release - Launch of Drive Safe India initiative

In India, more than 11% of all fatalities from traffic accidents, or over 16,000 lives, involve commercial vehicles! This loss of life, and the accompanying damage to goods and property, has a huge human and financial cost to society and business. There is an urgent need to reduce, and eventually eliminate this unnecessary loss of life.

Shell, Michelin, AXA, and IRF Geneva have come together with a new initiative "Drive Safe India" ( to improve all aspects of safety associated with transport of goods on Indian roads.

27 April 2017
Survey on sustainable highway construction

The International Road Federation Geneva Programme Centre (IRF Geneva) kindly invite all readers to participate to this survey about sustainable highway construction. Your insight on sustainability will be very helpful for this project.

28 February 2017
IRF Geneva Launches New Website for World Road Statistics!

The International Road Federation Geneva Programme Centre (IRF Geneva) has been publishing the IRF World Road Statistics (WRS), the most complete and authoritative source of data for the international road, traffic and inland transport sectors for over 50 years! 

17 November 2016
COP22: IRF Geneva Releases a Manifesto on Climate Change Adaptation

The International Road Federation (IRF Geneva) supporting global action aiming at proactively combat the potential adverse impacts of climate change on transport has brought to the table of COP22 a Manifesto with key recommendations and action points on the issue of adaptation. Released this week in Marrakech, the document has gained the support of partner organisations from the sector beside the endorsement from IRF Geneva membership around the world.

09 September 2016
IRF Survey on Professional Training - Deadline 23 September 2016

We at the International Road Federation Geneva strongly believe that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a fundamental pillar of any system that aims at delivering safe, sustainable and efficient road networks and mobility.To this end, we are carrying out this survey to assess the training needs of the sector and tailor adequate responses to those needs. 

The International Road Federation (IRF) is an independent, non-profit federation with ECOSOC status at the United Nations, and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. The IRF regularly holds training courses, seminars, workshops and other events to support the training needs of the sector; a good example being the Senior Road Executives (SRE) Program conducted jointly with the University of Birmingham.

03 August 2016
Press Release : Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts for Roads

The International Road Federation (IRF) together with the Ministry of Works, Transport, and Communications of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Road Fund Board of Tanzania, TANROADS, the Tanzania Transportation Technology Transfer Centre, the Tanzania Roads Association (TARA), the Association of South African National Road Agencies (ASANRA), the African Road Maintenance Fund Association (ARMFA), and the European Union organised the Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on "Performance Based Contracts for Roads."

05 July 2016
The IRF World Road Statistics in The Atlantic and The New Yorker

The IRF World Road Statistics provided data on the African region for the development of two articles by two well- recognized magazines:

29 June 2016
IRF Geneva releases a new study on road maintenance in OIC countries

IRF Geneva has just completed a study "Enhancing Road Maintenance in the OIC Member States" to review road maintenance practices in the Member States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The study formulates key recommendations for Governments of OIC Member States to implement.

09 May 2016
The Next Generation in the Roads and Mobility Sector

People depend on roads and seamless mobility for their everyday life, that is, their economic and social activities. The current development practices draw critical global attention in the form of climate change, mass urbanization, energy demand, road safety, road finance and its impact on social and environment.

09 May 2016
UN General Assembly adopts a resolution on “Improving global road safety”

The UN General Assembly and its Member States have adopted on 15 April 2016 a resolution on "Improving global road safety". The resolution, which was tabled by the Government of the Russian Federation, was co-sponsored by 55 governments.

16 April 2016
Evonik launches Road Safety Award

For more than 50 years, Evonik – the inventor of MMA cold plastic road markings - has been at the forefront in efforts to improve road safety and disseminate best practices. This year EVONIK will for the first time select and award a public authority for its efforts in improving road safety. The winner of this award will be selected by an independent jury consisting of international road safety experts.

07 April 2016
IRF re-elects Kiran K. Kapila as Chairman

The General Assembly of the International Road Federation (IRF) Geneva has unanimously re-elected Kiran K. Kapila to serve a third term as Chairman.

26 January 2016
IRF Geneva to host General Assembly and Board Meetings during Intertraffic Amsterdam

Intertraffic and IRF Geneva collaboration goes back a long way. The two entities have over the years successfully collaborated to develop productive and mutually-beneficial synergies. IRF Geneva will take the opportunity of this flagship event to convene its members for a GA and Board meeting.

26 January 2016
The 2015 edition of the IRF World Road Statistics is out!

Every year since 1964 the International Road Federation (IRF) publishes the World Road Statistics (WRS). The WRS are a unique and authoritative set of raw data compiled from over 200 primary sources (i.e. national statistics offices and Ministries) around the globe. The 2015 edition is now available.

26 January 2016
IRF Geneva Chairman, Kiran K. Kapila, at PIARC World Road Congress in Korea

Kiran K. Kapila, Chairman, IRF Geneva and Mr. Jean-Francois Corte, Secretary General, PIARC held discussions for various possible collaboration and cooperation in the areas of green road developments and road safety in the global context. The two major professional world bodies agreed to work together for the success of the 18th World Road Meeting (IRF) to be held in New Delhi, India in 2017. 

25 January 2016
A year in review and plans for 2016

First of all I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very happy new year and our best wishes for 2016!

I am pleased to be sending you the January edition of the IRF Newsletter.  2015 was a busy and productive year for IRF, and I trust for all of you it was equally productive and successful. I would like to share with you some highlights from the past year and our plans for the coming year.

25 January 2016
IRF @ the UNECE Group of Experts Meeting on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

The 8th session of the Group of Experts on Climate Change impacts and adaptation was organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in Geneva on 14 and 15 January 2016. IRF was represented by Ms. Mui-Ling Wang, Director Working Groups and Roundtables.

25 January 2016
IRF Geneva gives keynote address at 26th World Congress of Traffic Medicine in Doha

Dr Rahman gave the keynote address at the 26th World Congress of Traffic Medicine in Doha. He pointed out that at 2015, the midpoint of the Decade of Action for Road Safety, the situation with regards to the quality and availability of road related data and information remains worrisome, enforcement of traffic rules and laws remain weak. 

25 January 2016
IRF Geneva presents at the International Congress on Road Safety Management and ITS in Abu Dhabi

Dr Rahman , IRF Geneva Director General discussed the role of ITS in improving the management and planning of road networks, in data collection, for developing evidence based interventions, speed management and better trauma care through timely care to accident victims during the golden hour.

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