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25 July 2016
Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts for Roads

The International Road Federation (IRF) together with the Ministry of Works, Transport, and Communications of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Road Fund Board of Tanzania, TANROADS, the Tanzania Transportation Technology Transfer Centre, the Tanzania Roads Association (TARA), the Association of South African National Road Agencies (ASANRA), the African Road Maintenance Fund Association (ARMFA), and the European Union organised the Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on "Performance Based Contracts for Roads."

29 June 2016
IRF Geneva releases a new study on road maintenance in OIC countries

IRF Geneva has just completed a study "Enhancing Road Maintenance in the OIC Member States" to review road maintenance practices in the Member States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The study formulates key recommendations for Governments of OIC Member States to implement.

07 April 2016
IRF re-elects Kiran K. Kapila as Chairman

 The General Assembly of the International Road Federation (IRF) Geneva has unanimously re-  elected Kiran K. Kapila to serve a third term as Chairman.

 An active member of the IRF Geneva Board of Directors for many years - and Chairman since his  election during the IRF World Meeting in Lisbon in 2010 - Mr. Kapila is the Chairman and Managing  Director of ICT Ltd., a New Delhi based firm that has been ranked among the top hundred  consultancy companies in the world, and which operates in 44 countries.

15 July 2015
IRF launches the Young Professionals Programme

The International Road Federation (IRF) Geneva reaches out to the young generations by launching today – during SRE Course in Birmingham - the IRF Young Professionals Programme (IRF YP). The IRF YP is a platform for the next generation of leaders and specialists in the road and mobility sectors to propose initiatives, share ideas and be engaged in the overall activities of IRF.

05 May 2015
IRF & RA Conference calls upon world leaders to make road safety a reality

  The International Road Federation (IRF) – Roads Australia (RA) Regional Conference for Asia and    Australasia, the largest of its type to be held in the Asia-Pacific region concluded in Sydney today  calling for thought leadership within the national and international road sector when it comes to  addressing the pandemic of Road Safety.

16 March 2015
The IRF Road Safety Challenge brings Road Safety High in the Political Agenda for Africa

With the IRF Road Safety Challenge launched in Addis Ababa last week, IRF reiterates its strong commitment towards making the recommendations for the Decade of Action a reality worldwide. In its commitment to act as a catalyst in raising awareness and in promoting immediate practical actions, IRF has brought together Ministers from all over Africa under the auspices of the African Union, the World Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). An IRF Africa Chapter under the request and support from the Ministers present, commits to coordinate and boost the efforts in the region.

09 December 2014
COP 20 Lima: IRF Greening the Road to Paris

Negotiations currently taking place at COP 20 in Lima are an important step on the "Road to Paris" (COP 21), where a new global climate agreement will be negotiated. IRF Geneva reiterates its commitment towards making sustainable transport a reality by releasing today three new Case Studies providing tangible, pragmatic solutions. It’s our contribution to the global effort aiming at tracking the sustainability of the transport sector. Together with other partners and organizations, we are working to ensure that transport becomes an integral and important part of the post-2015 development agenda.

22 September 2014
IRF and Roads Australia to host major Regional Conference Sydney, 4-7 May 2015

Road industry leaders from across Asia and the Pacific will descend on Sydney in May 2015 for the first ever joint regional conference hosted by the International Road Federation (IRF) Geneva and Roads Australia (RA).

25 April 2014
IRF announces dates of the 18th World Meeting: New Delhi, 14-17 November 2017

The Executive Committee and the Board of IRF at their annual Statutory Meeting held in Paris on 16th April 2014 have firmed up the venue and dates of the next IRF World Meeting. This major event will be held at New Delhi, the capital of India from 14-17 November 2017. 

16 January 2014
Fleet Forum and IRF to conduct training courses and workshops on Fleet Management

Fleet Forum and the International Road Federation, Geneva Programme Centre have entered into a three year agreement to conduct training courses and workshops on Fleet Management.

06 January 2014
Gearing up for Greener Road Infrastructure

IRF reiterates its commitment towards making sustainable transport a reality by releasing a new publication that looks at tangible solutions for each of the stages in the life-cycle of road infrastructure. The publication “Moving Towards Green Road Infrastructure: Case Studies and Lessons Learned” is the result of the IRF Environment Committee’s long standing capacity to act as a catalyst in raising awareness, promoting immediate practical action, and inspiring further innovation throughout the sector.

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06 December 2013
Fostering truck driver safety in India at the core of IRU-IRF collaboration

At the occasion of the 67th meeting of UNECE Working Party 1 on Road Traffic Safety on 4-6 December in New Delhi, IRU and IRF will jointly launch the dissemination of informative safety cards in Hindi. These cards provide tips and guidelines for truck drivers to ensure a safe and comfortable journey, explain the risks of using mobile phones while driving and outline how to respond in accident or emergency situations to save lives.

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26 August 2013
IRF welcomes new Director General of Geneva Programme Center

IRF announces the appointment of Mr. Ian Webb as Director General of IRF Geneva Programme Center. Mr. Ian Webb’s six month tenure as Director General commenced on 22 August 2013. I am confident that Mr. Ian Webb will be an invaluable asset in facilitating and guiding the transition of IRF Geneva Programme Center that was started in 2012.

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09 July 2013
IRF welcomes TRL as a corporate member

TRL, the UK's Transport Research Laboratory, has joined the International Road Federation (IRF), the leading professional association that brings together public, private and academic domain in the road sector. Joining a global network of road operators and authorities, universities, national road associations, construction companies, engineering bureaus and transport consultants, TRL will take part in IRF's global mission to promote the development of roads and road networks that enable access and sustainable mobility for all.

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21 March 2013
Kiran K. Kapila re-elected Chair of IRF Geneva

The General Assembly of IRF Geneva has unanimously re-elected Kiran K. Kapila to serve a second term as Chair.

Meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, in the context of a high-level IRF Regional Conference focusing on North Africa and the Mediterranean, the Executive Committee and General Assembly paid tribute to Mr. Kapila's achievement in steering the Federation through a long process of streamlining and transition to emerge both strengthened and better equipped to address the new challenges of the road sector in a rapidly changing world.

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23 October 2012
IRF launches Vienna Manifesto on ITS

While sustainable mobility is recognised as one of the keys to social and economic development, our roads are becoming increasingly congested, road transport has negative environmental impacts and more and more cars need to be accommodated.

According to the International Road Federation (IRF), a pivotal response to this dilemma lies in the increased deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). These have the demonstrated ability to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of mobility.

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27 September 2012
IRF launches 49th edition of annual World Road Statistics

Since the first edition in 1964, IRF annually produces the largest compilation of road statistics in the world. This year's edition includes data from over 200 countries, collected from primary statistical sources worldwide. The World Road Statistics or WRS in short, are the leading reference source for road industry leaders, analysts and international organisations.

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22 June 2012
Geneva Programme Centre Staff Changes

Ms. Susanna Zammataro, current Deputy Director General of the International Road Federation (IRF), has been appointed as Acting Director General following the departure of Ms. Sibylle Rupprecht, IRF Geneva Director General.

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23 May 2012
Safe, sustainable mobility and Rio+20

We, the undersigned, are organizations working nationally and internationally to prevent road traffic injuries. Every six seconds someone is killed or seriously injured on the world's roads. Nine in ten of these casualties occur in low-income and middle-income countries, where traffic levels are rapidly increasing. This is a human, economic and environmental disaster. And it is preventable.

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05 April 2012
IRF unveils RADaR, the intelligent solution for road accident data management

This year's Intertraffic Amsterdam exhibition saw a major new technology launch by the IRF Geneva Programme Centre and IRF India Chapter. A unique event 'Celebrating Achievement' provided a high-profile backdrop for the unveiling of RADaR, a pioneering new tablet application developed to facilitate the on-site collection of precise and scientific accident data, primarily by traffic police.

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