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05 July 2016
The IRF World Road Statistics in The Atlantic and The New Yorker

The IRF World Road Statistics provided data on the African region for the development of two articles by two well- recognized magazines:

The Atlantic published an article titled “How Warren Buffett’s son would feed the world. WRS data helps here to clarify African infrastructure challenges. View full article here

The New Yorker published an article titled “An e-commerce challenge in Africa: selling to people who aren’t online”. WRS data helps on the structural challenges that the continent presents when it comes to roads. View full article here

Since 52 years, the IRF World Road Statistics (WRS) continue to be the only comprehensive, universal source of statistical data on road networks, traffic and inland transport. Over the past years, the WRS have proved to be an invaluable and internationally accepted reference tool for governments, NGOs, investments banks, research institutes and anyone analyzing and reporting trends in key subject areas like traffic volumes and vehicle usage, road expenditure, road safety, energy consumption and emissions.

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