What they say about IRF WRS

The World Bank says
“The World Bank Group greatly values its longstanding collaboration with the IRF, whose rigorous and comprehensive World Road Statistics form a prime basis for the transport services data compiled in our annual World Development Indicators.”

“We admire the IRF’s emphasis on safety and transportation best practices, and we continue to value the IRF’s advocacy and overall mission, ‘Better roads. Better World’.”

The IRU says
“The IRF World Road Statistics are an essential complement to our own studies and have a well-deserved reputation as a comprehensive and up-to-date source of key road infrastructure and traffic data. Together, they serve as vital tools for the development of sustainable, fact-based transport policies worldwide.”

The IEA says
“We congratulate the IRF for this 50th Anniversary edition of its World Road Statistics, which have been especially valuable in the IEA’s analysis of global land transport infrastructure requirements to 2050.”

The OECD says
““The IRF World Road Statistics publication is an invaluable resource for understanding the importance of roads worldwide.”

ARRB Group says
“Tools like the IRF World Road Statistics help the National Interest Services (NIS) program, which ARRB Group coordinates, support an informed Australian land transport community.”

World Road Statistics


Since 52 years, the IRF World Road Statistics (WRS) continue to be the only comprehensive, universal source of statistical data on road networks, traffic and inland transport. Over the past years, the WRS have proved to be an invaluable and internationally accepted reference tool for governments, NGOs, investments banks, research institutes and anyone analyzing and reporting trends in key subject areas like traffic volumes and vehicle usage, road expenditure, road safety, energy consumption and emissions.

In 2013, in the celebrations leading up to the WRS 50th Anniversary (data 2000-2011), we were able to deliver an outstanding publication that included for the first time twelve years of updated data. This year, the WRS 2016 (data 2009-2014) will feature more than 200 countries, with data on over 45 road related topics, presented to you in nine substantive sections.This is a tremendous achievement that complements the work accomplished last years with the 2015, 2014 and 50th Anniversary Editions.

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