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Fleet Excellence Training Programme

Fleet Forum and the International Road Federation, Geneva Programme Centre have entered into a three year agreement to collaborate on conducting fleet management training courses. The courses focus on improving road safety, cost effectiveness, and environmental performance of fleets by providing fleet managers with state-of-the-art tools and knowledge.

  • The trainings are being organized in regions with particularly high-risk driving environments, posing diverse safety and environmental challenges to companies operating vehicle fleets. 
  • Each training session brings together fleet managers from the region with experts from Fleet Forum to review international good practice in safe, sustainable and efficient fleet management, address local challenges, and explore solutions. 
  • All sessions are based on the principles of adult learning and include presentations, interactive discussions, group work, and action planning. 
  • A maximum of 16 participants per training – so please register early. 
  • You are welcome to invite your subcontractors to join. 
  • The cost for the entire training week is USD 1500 per person/ and per module USD 650

During the week, participants will learn: 

  • how safe and effective fleet management impacts safety and efficient fleet operations 
  • about the relation between fleet management and the performance of your organization 
  • to identify the root causes of the road traffic accidents in your work environment 
  • how a change in personal and organisational behaviour will reduce crash risk 
  • how to reduce fleet risks caused by human factors 
  • how clean fleet management can yield lower operational costs and reduce pollution 
  • how to extend vehicle life through improved maintenance, cleaner fuel use, and driver training 
  • about initiatives that can improve fleet safety, effectiveness, and environmental impact.

New Partnership Creates Holistic Approach in Road Safety

Who should attend?

Executives, Fleet Managers, Operational Managers, Supervisors (handling fleets)


The following seminars are planned for 2014

  • 10 – 14 November: Nigeria, Lagos

Dates and locations for 2015 trainings will be posted soon.


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To register and for any question please contact: paul.jansen@fleetforum.org or Kathleen.elsig@gmail.com