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Background and objectives


The InARoaD Award is for people who are passionate about their achievements in advancing transport in developing countries and emerging economies, and are prepared to invest their time in presenting a project file in exchange for public recognition of the excellence of their work.

IRF believes that by gathering and sharing information on the efforts made on the ground, i.e. by transport practitioners in developing countries, it will promote the outstanding achievements of our industry and encourage innovative ideas, which could serve as a road map for others to follow.

The objectives of the InARoaD Award are as follows:

Recognise efforts achieved on the ground

The awards will honour excellence of innovative projects in the field of road infrastructure and transport carrying positive socio-economic impacts. The projects must be based in developing countries and contribute to improved quality of life. The projects that meet the application requirements and show outstanding merit will be integrated into the gTKP good practice knowledge centre where they can be publicly accessed free of charge. The three winning projects will receive an attractive award and other compensation.

Encourage knowledge exchange

Full details of each project selected by the juries for its exceptional merit will be available on the related gTKP knowledge page. The winners will be featured in the awards section on the gTKP website with direct links to background documentation and the possibility for the transport community to contribute feedback.

The winners will have the opportunity to make short presentations or show short films introducing their projects at the awards ceremony.