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Categories for submissions


We encourage you to submit projects within each of the following technical themes:

Environment & Climate Change
Projects proposing a way of safeguarding the planet by reducing the environmental footprint of road construction, and/or the levels and impacts of emissions on human health, environment and climate change.
Finance & Economics
Projects helping build a better future by creating innovative road funding mechanisms to build efficient transport networks.
Projects proposing a way of improving the road management decision process, reporting, transparency in procurement, and combating disparities, waste and corruption through state, private sector and civil society consultation.
Road Safety
Projects saving lives by promoting practical road safety initiatives and protecting road users. We welcome all initiatives aimed at reducing accident and fatality rates, be they educational, behavioural, innovative, related to road design or the use of safety equipment.
Rural Transport
Projects showcasing affordable, efficient and sustainable road construction material and techniques, as well as innovation in rural transport enabling access to new markets, jobs and opportunities, vital services and amenities such as education and health care.
Social Development
Projects increasing personal mobility and access to adequate transport by involving and engaging communities in a dialogue and consultation with the full range of stakeholders.
Trade & Transport
Projects helping industries become more competitive in the international market place, stimulating economic growth and regional cooperation, and/or improving trade facilitation on key transport corridors.
Urban Mobility
Projects revitalising our cities through urban mobility initiatives to reduce congestion, pollution and protect vulnerable road users as well as promote greener and more efficient public transport systems.