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How to Apply


To be considered for the award the project:

  • should be carried out in a developing country,
  • should be completed by the time of submission,
  • results should be measurable and demonstrate improvement in the respective technical theme,
  • should be replicable,
  • should not advertise a lucrative business or product.

To apply for the award, please fill out this form and submit the following material by 5 March 2012:

  • application form duly filled in and signed;
  • a 100 word explanation of how the project meets the criteria of the category under which it has been submitted;
  • detailed description of the project including narrative description, PowerPoint presentations, charts, photos, videos, posters, or any other additional explanatory material (on paper, electronic file or CD-ROM);
  • a 500 word summary describing the scope and content of the project;
  • short cv of the applicant.

Please note that any incomplete application will not be considered. All material must clearly identify the name of the project, the submission category and contact information of the applicant.

Applications should be submitted by email to facilitate circulation among jury members. Application material can be sent by email at and by post for any additional material to the following address:

International Road Federation (IRF)
2 chemin de Blandonnet
1214 Vernier/Geneva

Application due date: Materials should be received by 5 March 2012.

The projects will be evaluated and the award will be announced and presented to the winners during the one of the forthcoming international IRF events held in 2012.

Please note that IRF reserves the right to use portions of the submissions for promotional purposes. The submission of copyrighted material to IRF for the InARoaD Award shall constitute a general grant of permission to IRF to use the material for promotional purposes.