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Jury and judging process


An independent selection panel will evaluate award submissions to determine if they are eligible and fulfil the submission requirements. No member of the selection panel may have an interest or bias related to the current applications. If a judge should have an interest, that judge will be excused from reviewing the applicable entries and an alternate will be appointed.

The jury is composed of two international experts and the gTKP Theme Champion for each technical category for award submissions. Following an evaluation by relevant juries, the projects under each theme category with the highest scores will be identified. The juries are not obligated to discern an award in each of the eight categories. Rather, the juries will recognise only those submissions that show outstanding merit. The jury has the discretion to recognise submissions that do not win an award, yet nevertheless show exceptional merit. Three prizes will be awarded to projects selected from all the submission categories. The nominees will be invited to a prominent IRF event to receive a trophy and will be given the opportunity to make a five-minute presentation of their work at the InARoaD Award ceremony in early 2012. This will be a networking opportunity for nominees to promote their work, make essential contacts for partnerships with a view to expanding their work abroad and get involved in the international transport arena. Moreover, many major news agencies and prestigious road industry publications will cover the winning projects.