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The IRF Geneva Programme Centre fits in the diversification of services offered to members of the Global IRF by organising a broad panel of activities, covering an extensive amount of concerns relative to the road sector industries, faced with new norms and regulations in today’s ever changing world. These activities are targeted to all IRF members, whether public, private or academic. The purpose of these dealings are not solely intended to be ‘real-time’ informative sources on the latest movements and trends of the sector, but also and perhaps more importantly to make it possible for the members to become privileged actors of the segment and to be able to actively take part and give orientations according to their visions of the road and the mobility in the world today and tomorrow.

In this section of the website you may browse all the activities organised at present by the Geneva Programme Centre; taking into account that some of them are permanent, some cover specific time periods and others may be added in accordance with latest developments throughout the road industry.