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IRF Policy Statement on Environment


ENVIRONMENTAchieving sound environmental and sustainability outcomes has long been an integral part of International Road Federation (IRF) members’ policy and practice. A landmark Policy Statement now reinforces their resolve to be at the vanguard of efforts to further improve the environmental performance of the road sector.

While international diplomatic negotiations on how to tackle climate change are faltering, the International Road Federation is taking action and leading the way to meet calls for a greener transport system.  Simultaneously launched in Geneva, Washington DC, New Delhi, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the IRF Environment Policy Statement places in perspective the crucial contribution that may be made by safe and sustainable road infrastructure in the context of international efforts to attain key global development objectives.

Through a purposefully straightforward and action-oriented Policy Statement, IRF members give formal expression to their firm backing for road policies and practice that:

  • Safeguard the environment to the maximum extent possible;
  • Mitigate any adverse effects through pro-active consideration of environmental issues at every stage of planning and implementation;
  • Manage and use resources efficiently;
  • Encourage and provide incentives for ongoing innovation, so as continually to promote better environmental performance.

The Policy Statement is intended as a catalyst to raise awareness, promote immediate practical action, demonstrate the inherent ‘triple bottom line’ benefits and, most of all, inspire further innovation throughout the sector.


IRF Environment Policy statement
IRF Environment Policy statement (Chinese version)
Press Release
Press Release (Chinese version)

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