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Event Details - Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts for Roads

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Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts for Roads

Arusha, Tanzania, Arusha International Convention Centre AfrikaMashariki Road, 11 July 2016 - 15 July 2016

The International Road Federation (IRF) is pleased to support the Africa Regional Seminar and Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts (PBC) for Roadswhich will take place at the Arusha International Convention Centre (AICC) in Arusha, Tanzania on July 11th -15th. The events are organized by The Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications of Tanzania through the Tanzania National Road Agency (TANROADS), Roads Fund Board and Tanzania Technology Transfer Center (TanT2) in collaboration with the International Road Federation (IRF) and other local and international institutions such as the Association of Southern Africa National Road Agencies.

The objective of this 2ndAfrica Regional Seminar (July 11th -13th), is to raise awareness about the benefits of performance-based contracts for Roads and to facilitate sharing experience and best practices by practitioners. This seminar is targeted at Senior Officials and Chief Executives of Road Agencies/Departments and Road Funds, practitioners responsible for managing and maintaining road networks, contractors, consultants, road sector policy and decision makers, development partners, road users, and other interested parties. The Seminar will be conducted back to back with the Regional Workshop on Performance-Based Contracts for Roads. 

The objective of the Workshop (July 14th -15th) is to provide practitioners responsible for managing and maintaining road networks with the tools and knowledge to successfully implement performance based contracts for the roads they are responsible for. This new way of managing assets has gained traction globally and is ideal for junior & mid-level managers from Government Road Agencies and private companies, researchers and academics, students and other parties from the Sub-Sahara Africa

Only those participants who will attend the Seminar on Performance-Based Management and Maintenance Contracts for Roads will be allowed to participate in the Workshop.

Some of the issues the workshop will look into: 
  • List Benefits and Disadvantages of PBC
  • Describe Performance Standards and Response Times
  • Identify and Discuss Risks, Sharing and Mitigation
  • Explain Performance Monitoring
  • Recognize importance of Payments and Incentive Systems
  • Recognize importance of Data Management and Ownership
  • Discuss Bidding Documents
  • Develop Framework Strategies for Implementing PBC

The Class size for this workshop is only 50 participants and instruction is in English only.A Certificate of Training will be delivered to the participants attending the workshop.

Performance-Based Contracts for Roads (PBC) is a great way of effectively and efficiently preserving road assets and is slowly but surely replacing the traditional method-based contract of road.Payments are based on how well the contractor manages to comply with the performance standards of service levels defined in the contract and not on the amountof works and services executed.  

PBC`s define minimum conditions of road, bridge, and traffic assets that have to be met by the Contractor as well as other services such as the collection and management of asset inventory data, call-out and attendance to emergencies, and response to public requests, complaints and feedback. Therefore, the choice and application of technology and the pursuit of innovative materials, processes and management are all up to the Contractor to achieve the product defined in the Performance Contract.

The fee for only the seminar is USD$400 for foreign participants and Tshs 400,000 for local participants.  

Venue:Arusha International Convention Centre, AfrikaMashariki Road, Arusha, Tanzania 

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