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Improving road safety outcomes: the private sector contribution

14 January 2020

The Decade of Action has taught us that saving five million lives and avoiding 50 million serious injuries will require more significant commitments and greater action from everyone and that improving road safety is a sustainable development imperative that contributes to equitable improvements in social, environmental, and economic indicators.

For many private sector companies, road safety is not just a risk that can severely impact business but a value and a key pillar of a vision that sees them fully engaged with their employees and with the communities to deliver on SDGs targets.

There are several areas of opportunity where companies can make meaningful contributions to road safety outcomes for their employees, contractors, and communities at large. Through innovation, thought leadership, early adoption and development of technology, marketing, and training, companies are uniquely placed to raise road safety standards and behaviors.

This event is an official pre-event to the Third Global Ministerial Conference to be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden on 19-20 February and aims at demonstrating that by harnessing the power of corporate resources and presence in our communities, the improvements in road safety driven by the private sector can extend well beyond company fleet operations. It will do so by providing concrete examples of actions and partnerships initiated/managed/spurred by the private sector and show how - while tackling road safety - these partnerships help deliver also on SDGs 3, 5, 8, 9, 11,12, 13, 17.

The concrete examples provided during the event will illustrate how action on road safety impacts and is connected to occupational health and safety, child health, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities and a lot more.

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