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Event Details - IRF & FIA Side Event at Challenge Bibendum

IRF & FIA Side Event at Challenge Bibendum

Chengdu, China, 14 November 2014

Building Happy Cities – Meeting the Challenge of Urban Mobility

Building the future today is one of the main priorities of the next Michelin Challenge Bibendum which will take place in Chengdu, China on 11-16 November 2014. IRF will be present in the official programme with a side event on “Building Happy Cities – Meeting the Challenge of Urban Mobility” organized jointly with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Transportation is one of the factors contributing to urban problems and unhappiness in cities. As cities grow, the demand for transport grows and that’s where often the problems begin. Policy makers have been trying to break this negative cycle for much of the 20th century and this focus remains now.

Historically, we have attempted to meet the demand for urban transport and mobility by improving and extending urban roads, the vehicles that use them, and the public transport system.  More recently, we have attempted to influence transport and travel behavior by using what we call Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and pricing road use.  Despite our best attempts, however, most informed observers would agree that the performance of policy designed to address problems of urban transport and mobility has been, at best, very modest.  

IRF and FIA will join hands for a side event - in the official programme - which will look at current trends and future challenges in urban mobility and most of it discuss solutions. How to cater to the transport and mobility needs of their inhabitants while providing a pleasant, comfortable, aesthetically appealing, safe, healthy and happy urban environment? This is question most cities are today confronted with and one of the underlining questions that IRF/FIA event will try to answer.

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Speakers Profiles

FIA - Speech of Mr. Jean Todt, President FIA

IRF - Speech of Mr. Kiran K. Kapila, Chairman IRF

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