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IRF 7th Africa T2 Conference

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 11 May 2015 - 15 May 2015

The International Road Federation is happy to partner with the Technology Transfer Centre in Botswana for the 7th Africa Transportation Technology Transfer Conference to be held in Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on 11th – 15th May, 2015 with Zimbabwe T2 centre as the host.

Best papers selected from accepted (peer reviewed) papers will be published in International Journal of Transportation Technology Transfer in Africa (IJT2A), ISSN 2306-1146.

Topics to be covered this year are grouped around six Thematic Areas:

Thematic Area 1: Improving rural accessibility and transport services provision in Africa.

Thematic Area 2: Innovative maintenance and application of new research technology in overcoming transport challenges in Africa.

Thematic Area 3: Road Safety.

Thematic Area 4: Innovation in pavement design and materials specifications for construction.

Thematic area 5: Policy and financing of the transport infrastructure.

Thematic Area 6: Cross cutting issues in the transport sector.

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