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Event Details - IRF Webinar on: “World Road Statistics for Beginners - Techniques and Methods”

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IRF Webinar on: “World Road Statistics for Beginners - Techniques and Methods”

06 June 2013

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The annual compilation of the official World Road Statistics (WRS) is one of IRF’s flagship projects. Published since 1964, the WRS remain the single comprehensive source of data for the international road, traffic and transport sectors.

Their credentials are derived from IRF’s unique network of primary statistical sources covering more than 200 countries. An exhaustive range of themes is covered in detail, including the latest available figures relating to road networks, traffic, vehicles in use, multimodal traffic comparisons (road, rail, and inland waterway), road expenditures, road accidents, CO2 emissions and energy.

This IRF Webinar will address the core characteristics of the raw data brought together in the WRS. It will introduce simple methodologies, elementary econometric techniques and examples to help you understand and analyse the data. It helps you in developing basic assessments on diverse projects and risks on transport, traffic and public investment at country level. It is your opportunity to become an expert on data analysis for your company or organisation and increase the value of the WRS data to serve your company’s business interests.

A series of IRF Webinars for advanced statistics and concrete applications will be announced after this IRF Webinar.

About the speaker

Dr. Cristian Gonzalez is an econometrician, statistician and economist who works as Programme Officer Statistics & Data at the International Road Federation in Geneva. He has a specific interest in modelling of transport, traffic and public issues. He worked as advisor at the World Health Organization, Inter-American Development Bank, European Investment Bank, International Labour Organization and for consulting firms on applied economics and data validation. He is an active member of the Task Force on Investments on Transport Projects at the OECD/International Transport Forum.

Who should attend?

The Webinar is especially geared towards the interests of road planners, policy makers & data analysts, national road authorities, statisticians, researchers, transport consultants, national and international NGOs, aid agencies, public & private project professionals.

No specific economic or econometric knowledge or expertise is required.


Please Register Online before 5 June 2013.

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 For IRF-members:  150 CHF per user
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