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International Highway Technology Summit

Beijing, China, 16 April 2013 - 18 April 2013

Since the 1st China Highway Technology Summit held in May 2002, the summit has been successfully held for five times domestically so far biennially and proved to be the largest, highest and most influential academic exchange activity in Chinese highway transportation field.

In order to promote international exchange of highway and transportation technology, China Highway & Transportation Society is honored to have TRB and IRF as co-sponsor organizations, to co-organize the 6th China Highway Technology Summit in Beijing in April 2013, which is also announced as 2013 International Highway Technology Summit (IHTS) in international scale. In order to provide more convenient and fruitful exchange, all presentations and communications of the Summit will be translated simultaneously or consecutively.

The Summit will be very integrated covering almost all aspects of highway technology, and focus on innovative approaches and best practices in highway engineering, bridge and tunnel structures, traffic safety, maintenance and operation, informationization as well as environment and sustainability. All papers and presentations related to every part of highway & transportation, especially the innovative solutions and new technology are welcome for the Summit.

Joining in the Summit, you will discover innovative solutions that work for you and your organization, meet and greet new and old friends, and broaden your connection especially with China. Industry leaders, practitioners, and researchers will get together to talk about their experiences in technology, materials, practices and solutions across the globe. This summit will offer many opportunities to exchange creative ideas and solutions among the colleagues from China and all over the world.

We will offer various events including technical tours, guest tours, study tours and social events that will allow you to explore other facets of the ancient but inspirational country, China.

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