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May 2011 Edition

Dear [fname],

Given the level of interest generated, and the comprehensive range of issues raised during our recent Symposium on Road Safety – which marked the public launch of a UN Decade of Action on this theme – it is clear that IRF will have its work cut out over the next 10 years! The accompanying press release, provides an overview of these inspirational and highly-successful events. At the concluding gala dinner in Bucharest, we also had the pleasure of presenting trophies to the inaugural winners of our new Innovation Award for Road Transport in Developing Countries (INAROAD).

The day before the Symposium, IRF members met for the 2011 General Assembly and a comprehensive programme of Working Group meetings, which we report upon in this newsletter.

Meanwhile the current series of key IRF Conferences continues apace, and you are cordially invited to reserve early, while places remain, for:

- The IRF Environment Study Day, Brussels, Belgium, 20 September 2011
- The 6th IRF Regional Conference on Road Safety and Intertraffic Exhibition, New Delhi, India, 3-5 October 2011
- The IRF International Road Congress on Innovation in Road Infrastructure, Moscow, Russian Federation, 22- 24 November 2011. Please note that this event will also be the occasion for the IRF Geneva Board of Directors Meeting.

I look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you to these exciting knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. 

I also take advantage of this message to advise you that the IRF General Assembly made an historic decision in Bucharest by unanimously approving Associate Membership for Individuals.  Whilst at its core, IRF remains an association of corporate members, drawn from the private and public sectors; we have in recent years been receiving growing interest from a number of high-level experts in their personal capacities.

To tap into this authoritative and potentially highly influential stream, the IRF Geneva General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to open up membership to selected individuals. The new 'Associate membership' status will, henceforth, notably be available to:

- University Professors
- Independent Consultants
- Retirees
- Students
- Individuals from Developing Countries working in Local Government

We look forward to welcoming experts from around the world to this new category of IRF membership. The relevant Membership Application form can be accessed here.

Its growing strength in depth will enable IRF to evolve in a manner ever more empowered and committed to developing infrastructure that is safe, environmentally friendly and financially sound. Join us!

Sibylle Rupprecht
Director General
IRF Geneva


Thank you

From its inception in 2006 till the end of 2010, Michel Démarre of the Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics, France, has chaired the IRF Working Group on Public-Private Partnership. Under his leadership, IRF focussed on raising awareness about the economic advantages of PPP arrangements, whether for interurban or for urban road projects. With much zeal and effort Michel has put the contractor point of view in the spotlight. The working group has successfully delivered two publications on the topic.

After four years Michel has indicated that, due to many other commitments, he would like to resign as chairman of the group. Fortunately, he will remain actively involved in IRF as member of the Executive Committee and as member in the successor of the PPP working group, the newly established IRF Road Financing & Economics Committee.

We would like to express our warm gratitude for Michel’s leadership and commitment during his chairmanship and look forward to continuing working with him.

Launching of the Decade of Action for Road Safety in the UNECE Region.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) conference “Launching of the Decade of Action (2011-2010) for Road Safety in the UNECE region”, hosted by the Ministry of the Interior, Road Traffic Directorate, Ministry of Infrastructure and Road Traffic Safety Agency of Serbia took place on 27-29 April 2011 in Belgrade.


Main Stakeholders in Transport Statistics meet in Paris

The Global Transport Intelligence (GTI) initiative is a joint initiative of organizations which are involved in the collection, analysis and dissemination of data on transport in the developing countries.


IRF sees launch of new Road Financing & Economics committee

On Monday 9 May 2011, IRF’s new Committee on Road Financing & Economics held its launch meeting in the wake of the Road Safety Symposium in Bucharest, Romania. The meeting saw interesting debate and a wide representation from both public and private sector parties, coming from developing as well as developed nations.


IRF presents Urban PPPs at Bulgarian key event on Sustainable Mobility in Urban Regions

Organised by the Bulgarian National Association of Municipalities, the Confederation of independent Syndicates of Bulgaria and the Independent Association of the Users in Bulgaria, a key conference was held in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia on the topic of “Sustainable Development of New Transport and Green Technologies in Urban Regions” on Monday 16 May 2011.


EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050

Following the successful completion of the “EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050” project, a follow-on project (dubbed EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050 II) has been commissioned by DG Climate Action of the European Commission.


Tanzania Ambassador Report

This report covers the period January – December 2010 and January – May 2011 and prospective activities before the end of the year 2011.


New elected Board Members and Executive Committee Members

Board Members: (view all)

- Alphonso DE LA PARRA, Tecnosistemas y Peaje S.A. , Mexico
- Vilrid FEMOEN, Norwegian Road Federation, Norway
- Changyu GUAN, Tranport Planning & Institute, China
- Alain HUEPPI, Viagroup Gmbh, Switzerland
- Rex Lam PAKI, National Road Authority, Papua New Guinea
- Adnan RAHMAN, Cambridge Systematics, The Netherlands

Executive Committe Members: (view all)

- David STUART-WATT, Roads Australia, Australia

A warm welcome to our new members

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to the following new members:

- Tecnosistemas y Peaje S.A. de C.V., Mexico
- Societatea De Constructii In Transporturi Bucuresti S.A., Romania
- Double Q International Ltd, Nigeria
- Cambridge Systematics, Netherlands
- The Norwegian Roads Federation / Opplysingsradet for Veitrafikken, Norway
- Federal Transport Authority, Ethiopia











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