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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the fourth issue of the IRF (Geneva) Newsletter for 2018. We have spent the summer finalising activities for the reminder of the year and giving the final touch to our World Road Statistics 2018 in order to release the publication a bit earlier this year as many of you had requested. We thank TOTAL for the generous support to our work on data as well all the advertisers who contribute to make this work possible. This was a good year for our annual data harvest although the analysis of some of our WRS indicators shows some not too positive trends for our sector. You can read about latest findings on road maintenance expenditure in this newsletter.

Early September we were in Morocco for a workshop organised – thanks to the support of the FIA Foundation - in the framework of the "Safe Roads, Safe kids!" project we are running together with the Motoring Club Morocco (MCM). It's a project about the power of collaborations especially when it comes to delivering safe journeys to school to kids around the world.

With the Decade of Action rapidly approaching, Road Safety is more than ever at the centre of our activities. As you will see, we have several events and trainings lined up from now till the end of the year. The road safety community will gather at the African Road Safety Forum in Marrakech to discuss plans for the future including the establishment of a Road Safety Observatory.

We will close the year by looking at the future of mobility with an event to be hosted in Geneva together with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

Good reading and we look forward to meeting you soon again!

Susanna Zammataro
Director General

Safe Roads Safe Kids Project: delivering a safe journey to school

According to data reported by the Moroccan Comité national de prévention des accidents de la circulation (CNPAC), young people below the age of 14 represent 15% of all the deaths on Moroccan roads and are most of the time pedestrians. Many of them young kids going or coming back from school. Against this background, the International Road Federation (IRF Geneva) and Motoring Club Morocco (MCM) have joined hands and initiated the project "Safe Roads, Safe Kids!" thanks also to the support of the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme.
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IRF data 2018: Europe sees a decrease in road expenditure and road maintenance expenditure

The IRF World Road Statistics (WRS) 2018 edition has just been released. First analysis of the data on road expenditure and road maintenance expenditure in Europe shows a decrease of 11% and 8%, respectively, for the period of 2011 to 2016.

Investing in roads and their maintenance is essential for economic growth and the mobility of a region. Maintenance by itself is crucial since poorly maintained roads lead to a downfall of the road network value, resulting in higher future costs related to road safety, accessibility and operating vehicles. Read More

Road safety community to convene in Marrakech for the 1st African Road Safety Forum

With the Decade of Action in its final stages, Morocco redoubles its efforts to ensure that road safety remains high on the agenda for the entire African Continent. Actively engaged in Africa since decades, IRF is pleased to support the 1st African Road Safety Forum being convened in Marrakech, Morocco from 13-15th November under the patronage of his Majesty King Mohammed VI. Data and the creation of an African Road Safety Observatory will be at centre stage.Read More

PM Modi delivers his vision for the Future of Mobility in India

Under the leadership of Niti Aayog, India hosted in Delhi its first Global Mobility Summit on 7 & 8 September. Addressing an impressive line-up of CEOs from all over the world, the Prime Minister of India, Mr Modi shared his vision for the future of mobility in the country. IRF was among the key transport stakeholders invited to share its expertise during the summit.Read More

Smart and Autonomous Mobility: UNECE and IRF to host an event in Geneva

In a world of smart, connected and autonomous mobility what is the role that infrastructure plays and will play and how can it keep pace with the technology developments happening in the motor vehicles industry and overall the way people move? In such a rapid changing environment, what is right governance model public authorities should adopt? The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and IRF will convene key stakeholders to debate these issues at a flagship event to be hosted at the UN headquarters in Geneva on 4th December 2018. Read More

International Traffic Safety Conference in Doha

Under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani, the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior for the State of Qatar, Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center at Qatar University and the National Traffic Safety Committee at Ministry of Interior Qatar are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Traffic Safety Conference 2018 (ITSC 2018) which will take place on 26 and 27 November 2018 in Doha - Qatar. The conference is built around the vision "A safe road transport system that protects all road users from death and serious injury".
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Call for Papers for the International Conference on "Road Safety & Mobility"

The Conference on "Road Safety and Mobility" will be hosted in Abu Dhabi on 24-25 October 2018. The conference program will focus specifically on Pillar II "Safer Roads and Mobility" of the Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020). The Organisers of the Conference are calling for abstracts on one or more of the themes listed. Experts are invited to submit an abstract before the 27th September 2018. Read More

Safe Urban Street Design: New International Course

All road users deserve a safe road and a safe journey. IRF (Geneva, Switzerland), the Qatar Transportation & Traffic Safety Center and Qatar University are pleased to present the International Course on Safe Urban Street Design for Vulnerable Road User, to be held from 4 to 6 December 2018 in Doha – Qatar. Contact IRF Secretariat for registrations as there are limited seats available. Should you wish to support through sponsorship this much needed international training, get in touch with IRF to the discuss opportunities. Read More

Oman Road Safety & Accident Prevention Summit

Given the rapid development in the Sultanate of Oman and the expansion of the road network, road safety is of critical importance. The International Road Federation (Geneva, Switzerland) is pleased to support the Oman Road Safety & Accident Prevention Summit 2018 (ORSAPS) which will take place on 18th October 2018, in Muscat – Oman. ORSAPS 2018 is about educating, raising awareness and supporting the authorities in its endeavour to reduce road deaths and injuries . Read More

In pursuit of its mission of reducing the accident related deaths and injuries on Indian roads, IRF India had recently organized the following events focusing on Road Safety. They are briefly elaborated below.

IRF India Chapter Seminar on "Environmental Protection and Safety during Construction"

The IRF India Chapter organized a Seminar on the theme of "Environmental Protection and Safety during Construction" at the India International Centre, New Delhi on 13th – 14th July 2018. The Seminar was a part of IRF's relentless mission aimed at reducing the number of road fatalities and injuries caused by accidents in the country, a substantial part of which occurs, among others, during the construction of roads and highways.

Warmly welcoming the participants to the Seminar, Mr. G. Sharan, Chairman, IRF IC elaborated on the long and distinguished record of various activities of IRF IC and the incremental knowledge that would emerge from the deliberations of the Seminar.
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To showcase innovation and provide a platform to share the future of the mobility landscape, NITI Aayog hosted the first MOVE Summit 2018 in New Delhi on 7th & 8th September 2018. The initiative aimed at creating a public interest framework to revolutionize transport, in partnership with stakeholders from across the mobility and transportation sectors.
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Total Foundation encompasses the solidarity initiatives conducted every day worldwide by our sites, our affiliates and our corporate foundation. Through this global program, Total aims to contribute to development in our host communities and regions through our four priority areas of action: road safety, forests and climate, youth inclusion and education, and cultural dialogue and heritage.

Our actions are especially targeted to young people, to provide them with tools to empower them to build a better future.

Our projects are defined and implemented with partners chosen for their experience, to ensure we can provide an effective response to the challenges facing society.

Our societal engagement is integral to our ambition to become the responsible energy major.


YOURS - Youth for Road Safety is a global youth organization for road safety. Young people have a right to be adequately informed, consulted and empowered on road safety. YOURS believes that youth themselves have a vital role to help save lives on the world's roads. After all, this is the biggest threat to their lives. Young people can do so much to contribute. Is there any group better placed to act as role models, lead peer education, raise awareness, mobilize communities and advocate for change? Therefore we believe:

It is unacceptable that youth continue to die and get injured on the world´s roads. Knowing that:

  • Road traffic injuries are the #1 killer of young people aged 15-29
  • The Global Goals has a specific road safety target: by 2020, halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes

Roundtable discussion "Analysis of the safety situation in Kosovo roads" (1 August 2018)

A roundtable discussion was organized by College "Tempulli" on "Analysis of the safety situation in Kosovo roads", aimed at checking the role of institutions in increasing traffic safety and undertaking concrete measures in order to improve the situation of safe circulation on the roads of the country.

Being aware of the numerous accidents, all the roundtable participants assessed that they should come up with concrete steps in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents. Read More

Opening of the Australian's New National Transport Research Centre

Australia's Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormack officially opened the multi-million dollar National Transport Research Centre in Port Melbourne on Wednesday, September 5.

It will be the home of ARRB – the National Transport Research Organisation – providing a one-stop shop for Australia's road and transport research.

ARRB (Australian Road Research Board) is Australia's key provider of road and transport research to governments, road agencies and academia on issues like driverless vehicle research, road safety and smart city design. Read More

A new awareness campaign by Highways of Morocco (ADM)

ADM (Highways of Morocco) works every day to help Moroccan drive safely, it does that by implementing regularly a series of features, such as repairing pavement defects, maintaining the road safety and signage, rest area improvements and also developing a range of technologies related to traffic management system, like ADM Traffic app, message signs, cameras and speed limit enforcement. Some of these various features contribute to provide a valuable information to travellers about the road conditions ahead.Read More

The Global Alliance of NGOs to host its sixth Global Meeting

In April 2019, the Alliance will hold the Sixth Global Meeting of Nongovernmental Organizations Advocating for Road Safety and Road Victims (the Global Meeting) in Chania, Greece. The Global Meeting will be the most significant gathering of road safety NGOs and global stakeholders next year in the run-up to the end of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011–2020. It offers the opportunity to learn about road safety trends, participate in global campaigns, and network with like-minded professionals. Read More

1st International Forum on Connected and Automated Vehicle Highway Systems organized by CHTS

China Highway & Transportation Society (CHTS) with the guidance and support from Ministry of Transport of China, China Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Engineering and UN Environment, is pleased to host the First International Forum on Connected and Automated Vehicle Highway Systems on November 1-3, 2018 at the Beijing International Convention Center in Beijing, China.

With the theme Automated Vehicle and Intelligent Road, the forum will be a platform for ideas to converge and partnerships to blossom. The most prominent figures and voices of the industry, and the most cutting-edge technologies, products, applications and ideas are invited to attend this event. Read More


A talk with Mr Zoran Drobnjak, Director of Roads of Serbia

In this interview, IRF talks with the Diretor of the Public Enterprise "Roads of Serbia" about their plans for improving the quality of services provided to the road users through a series of new projects, rehabilitation and modernisation of the network as well a new toll collection system.

Read More

Global Road Safety Forum
24 – 25 September 2018 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Oman Road Safety and Accident Prevention Summit
18 October 2018 - Muscat, Oman

International Conference on Safer Roads & Mobility
24 – 25 October 2018 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

1st African Road Safety Forum
13 - 15 November 2018 ,Marrakesh, Morocco

International Traffic Safety Conference
26 - 27 November 2018 ,Doha, Qatar

4 December 2018 – Geneva, United Nations, Switzerland

International Course on Safe Urban Street Design for Vulnerable Road User
4 - 6 December 2018, Doha, Qatar

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