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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the final issue of the IRF (Geneva) Newsletter for 2018. It has indeed been a year rich of activities and this final newsletter proves it even more. We have an exceptional number of articles telling you about our journey over the past couple of months and providing you a little glimpse into what will come up in 2019. It's that time of the year when we have the opportunity to say "Thank You". Thank you to our members and our partners all over the world for working relentlessly with us to advance the sector's agenda. Thank you to all our donors, sponsors, clients who together with our members' contribution make IRF and our work possible. And thank you to the team in Geneva, in India and the rest of the world for all their efforts but most of all for putting their heart into their work, no matter the task. Not all of them can be in the picture but they all join me in in wishing you a very happy festive season and a wonderful new year!

Good reading and we look forward to meeting you again soon!

Susanna Zammataro
Director General

Governance and Infrastructure for Smart and Connected Mobility

A flagship ITS event was hosted by IRF and UNECE at the UN headquarters in Geneva on 4th December 2018. The focus was on "Governance and Infrastructure for Smart and Connected Mobility" and successfully kick-started a collaborative dialogue among key ITS stakeholders from around the globe. Recent developments in India and China were also on the agenda. Read More

Addressing the needs of Vulnerable Road Users

Vulnerable road users account for up to 70% of all road related fatalities and serious injuries. Yet infrastructure is often not designed and built to cater for their needs. The IRF and Qatar Traffic Transport and Traffic Safety Centre conducted a three-day international course in Doha to build capacity in this specific field.     Read More

Low income countries account for only 3% of global road networks - A constraint for economic growth

An analysis of road network data from IRF World Road Statistics (WRS) reveals the low percentage of road networks in low income countries and underdeveloped regions of the world like Sub-Saharan Africa. These results link poor quality roads and lack of road infrastructure to constrained economic development and growth.   Read More

SaferAfrica Webinar Series: Road Safety Data Practices in Africa on 20 December

As a member of the SaferAfrica consortium, IRF took the lead and presented the first two of a series of webinars intended for anyone involved in African Road safety management, research and education. The third webinar will be staged on 20 December and will present results of the research carried out on road safety data practices in Africa.   Read More

IRF at the International Traffic Safety Conference in Qatar

Supported by IRF, the International Traffic Safety Conference was held in Doha – Qatar on 26 and 27 November. Opened by the Prime Minister of Qatar, several Ministers and the UN Special Envoy for Road Safety, the conference took stock of the progress made by Qatar but provided also the opportunity to exchange experience from around the world and on topics that will be crucial for the hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.    Read More

IRF Data Warehouse presented at the 1st African Road Safety Forum

The 1st African Road Safety Forum hosted in Marrakech, Morocco on 13-15 November offered the setting to present the IRF's new data platform developed thanks to the support of the Total Foundation and as a contribution to Regional Road Safety Observatories. With a keynote address in the opening, a booth and several sessions hosted, IRF marked its presence and contribution to this successful Forum.
Read More

An IRF Africa Board to foster collaboration and coordination on the continent

The African Road Safety Forum provided the opportunity to host the first meeting of the newly established IRF Africa Board. Composed of members from prominent African Institutions, multilateral development banks, key regional and sub-regional Institutions and stakeholders, the IRF Africa Board will meet quarterly and will operate at a strategic level, primarily performing an advisory role. Read More

IRF at the 2nd UN Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships

The 2nd UN Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) took place at the UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on 20-21 November 2018. The primary focus was to continue the discussion surrounding how People-first PPPs and in particular the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its large infrastructure investments can best be used to promote the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Read More

SuM4All launches engagement process on the GRA

Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) of which IRF is an active member has now made available the draft Global Roadmap of Action Toward Sustainable Mobility (GRA) for comments from countries, private sector representatives and other interested stakeholders. The GRA is the first tool of its kind to provide tailored action plans, that are sensitive to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each country's transport sector respectively. The engagement process will last three months. Read More

IRF at the "International Conference on Road Safety and Mobility" in Abu Dhabi, UAE

IRF was delighted to join hands with the Emirati Traffic Safety Society (ETSS), the Arab Road Safety Organization (AROSO) and la Prévention Routière Internationale (PRI) for the traditional "International Conference on Road Safety and Mobility." Focusing this year specifically on Pillar II of the Decade of Action the conference offered a great opportunity to exchange experiences from around the world. Read More

Intermodal transport and logistics: UN Working Party meets in Geneva

IRF was at the UNECE Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics meeting whose focus was on the need for a wide acceptance of shipping container guidelines (CTU) and rules for transport systems (TIR). With greater acceptance and application of these guidelines and rules, states will be able to better promote safety and achieve great cost-savings.
Read More

Safe Roads, Safe Kids! Project presented at the FIA Foundation GA

The Safe Roads, Safe Kids! project has been taking great steps to arrive closer to completion. With a Training of Trainers being recently held in Casablanca, Morocco, and road safety analysis of our selected schools soon to be underway, the Safe Roads, Safe Kids! project is beginning to see tangible results from its hard work. The project was selected to be presented at the General Assembly meeting of the FIA Foundation hosted in St. Petersburg on 6 December.    Read More

Qatar wins prestigious Prince Michael Road Safety Award

On 12th December, the Secretary General of the National Traffic Safety Committee, Brigadier Mohamed Abdullah al-Malki, received the prestigious Prince Michael International Award for Traffic Safety at a ceremony in London. Read More

YOURS runs panel on "Meaningful Youth Engagement in Road Safety"

On 19 November 2018, YOURS co-organized a high-level international road safety conference in Malta. The Government of Malta and the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization asked YOURS to Chair and bring together a panel that would discuss meaningful youth engagement in designing a safe mobility system. In other words, discuss the importance of effective youth involvement in policymaking, implementation, and evaluation.     Read More

A new mobility strategy for Valle de Bravo with the participation of the community

SIA was awarded with a project in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The main objectives of this project were to define what mobility, congestion and safety for people in the city's context meant for the community. This was accompanied by prioritising concerns and issues around mobility. The scope of the discussion included themes related to design and engineering, local services, road operations and modes of transportation.    Read More

International conference on "Belt and Road Initiative: Nepal connecting the world- Benefits and Challenges"

BRITA and NASA Foundation are pleased to organize the International conference on “Belt and Road Initiative: Nepal connecting the world- Benefits and Challenges” which will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 25 to 27 February 2019.

The main thematic issues will be the following:

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Drive Tourism and Trade
  • Transport Safety
Policy Makers, Parliamentarians, Political Leaders, Local Government Leaders, Engineers and Builders, Scholars, Engineering Institutions, Tourism Entrepreneurs, Transport experts and road safety campaigners are invited to attend this event. 
  Read More

Chinese Delegation visits IRF in Geneva to discuss the future of mobility

China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS) led a Delegation to IRF in Geneva to get insights on current developments in the sector and to meet key United Nations officials in charge of transport.    Read More



Tecnopeaje is an international road operations consultancy firm. A new social development area that helps macro infrastructure projects and mobility policies to enhance the community's well-being has recently been established. It is called Social Impact Advisor (SIA), by Tecnopeaje. Clients of SIA go from government institutions and/or ministries, to private companies, including collaboration projects with multilateral organisations. SIA's projects apply appropriate methodologies for local co-production of knowledge, participatory interventions, mapping, and analysis, as well as an inclusive/gender perspective. SIA has created partnerships with international research institutions and researchers to combine action with research. SIA's projects include social impact assessments, creation of local strategies and policies, social responsibility, climate change resilience and environment. www.tecnopeaje.net

6th International Conference "Inspection, Audit and Importance of Intelligent Transport Systems"
24 - 27 January 2019 – Pristina, Kosovo

International conference on "Belt and Road Initiative: Nepal connecting the world- Benefits and Challenges"
25 - 27 February 2019 – Kathmandu, Nepal

IRF Special Session at Global Alliance of RS NGOs Summit
8 - 13 April 2019 – Chania, Greece

Road Safety Management
April 2019 – Doha, Qatar

Road Safety Conference
June 2019 – Bosnia Herzegovina

WTC 2019
13 - 16 June 2019 – Beijing, China

3rd Sustainable Mobility Conference
17 September 2019 – Morocco

Introduction to Road Safety Audits
September 2019 – Doha, Qatar

IRF Special Session at PIARC 26th World Road Congress
06 - 10 October 2019 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Traffic Safety in Work Zones
November 2019 – Doha, Qatar

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