What is it?

IRF Young Professionals is a platform for the next generation of leaders and specialists in the road and mobility sector to propose initiatives, share ideas and be engaged in the overall activities of IRF.

IRF-YP gathers proactive graduate students enrolled in a Master or Ph.D. programme as well as young professionals working in the sector.

What is its mission?

Building on the IRF’s vast network and expertise, the Programme has as its mission to present the road and mobility sectors as a multidisciplinary area for development for young professionals from various backgrounds.

Why would I join?

IRF-YP members are young people who are not only interested in the road and mobility sectors, but are also keen to become part of IRF and contribute to the development and implementation of a new vision for the organisation.

  • Members of the IRF-YP’s programme can be part of the prestigious network of IRF associates and participate in IRF activities.
  • The IRF-YP Programme offers the opportunity to publish articles in World Highways, the official magazine of the International Road Federation as well as in the other IRF specialized publications.
  • Members of the IRF-YP get a unique chance to be part of the “ideas lab” of IRF thus shape the future of the organization and the sector.

How to apply to the IRF YP Programme?

If you are between 22 and 35 years old, experienced in the road and mobility sector either as a graduate student or as a young professional, are a proactive personality and have demonstrated leadership skills, we encourage you to apply to join the programme.

Please send via e-mail to irf.young.professionals@gmail.com:

  1. 1. copy of your resume;
  2. 2. personal statement (no more than 500 words) that summarizes your:
    • Professional Background
    • How you first got involved in the road and mobility sector
    • Any outstanding merits in the field
    • How you will have an impact on the IRF Young Professionals Programme based on both your experiences and new ideas

IRF YP Leaders

Ana Maria
Melinda MATYAS


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