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17 August 2011
A unique opportunity to partner with local infrastructure design and engineering firms

17 August 2011
A warm welcome to the new IRF Road Safety Project Manager

16 August 2011
RA members to access IRF membership in landmark agreement

The IRF Geneva has negotiated a special agreement with Roads Australia that grants individual IRF membership to each of our members at no extra charge.

The deal means RA members will be able to access the considerable technical resources and research databases of the IRF.

16 August 2011
Highly promising response to launch of new IRF Group of Experts on Road Safety

01 July 2011
The individual at the centre of debate at the 2011 ITF Transport Forum

The International Transport Forum has underlined this year the importance of focusing transport policy on citizens and communities, all of whom are directly affected by the benefits and impacts of transport use. Ministers from the International Transport Forum’s 52 member countries, prominent business leaders, top academics and representatives of civil society have gathered in Leipzig, Germany from 25 to 27 May 2011 to debate the theme “Transport for Society”.

30 June 2011
IRF receives visit from Ghanaian delegation

Led by Nadia Balgobin, Ghana Project coordinator, Oshani Perera and Sam Colverson from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), a Ghanaian delegation visited IRF Geneva in May 2011.

21 June 2011
European Commission presents progress during 2nd annual ITS Congress

The European Commission held its 2nd ITS Conference in conjunction with the ITS in Europe congress on Monday 6 June in Lyon, France. The Conference was attended by some 200 representatives from European institutions and stakeholder organisations from the public and private sector.

21 June 2011
IRF and EasyWay explore opportunities to team up

On Tuesday 7 June, in the margins of the ITS in Europe congress in Lyon, IRF met with representatives of the EasyWay project to discuss possibilities for future collaboration.

20 June 2011
IRF Policy Committee Chair Josef Czako interviewed in Russia

This article contains a copy of an interview held by the Russian magazine LogLink on 16 May 2011 with Josef Czako, chairman of the IRF Policy Committee on ITS. A Russian version of the full article can be downloaded here.

20 June 2011
UNECE Stakeholder consultation on ITS

From March till end of May 2011, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) held a stakeholder consultation on the future deployment of ITS. The consultation was based on a strategic note of the UNECE’s Transport Division, outlining the potential of ITS as the future to enhance mobility and to bring about a new culture for doing business, based on system performance and customer satisfaction.

26 May 2011
IRF presents Urban PPPs at Bulgarian key event on Sustainable Mobility in Urban Regions

Organised by the Bulgarian National Association of Municipalities, the Confederation of independent Syndicates of Bulgaria and the Independent Association of the Users in Bulgaria, a key conference was held in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia on the topic of “Sustainable Development of New Transport and Green Technologies in Urban Regions” on Monday 16 May 2011.

26 May 2011
EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050

Following the successful completion of the “EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050” project, a follow-on project (dubbed EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050 II) has been commissioned by DG Climate Action of the European Commission.

25 May 2011
IRF sees launch of new Road Financing & Economics committee

On Monday 9 May 2011, IRF’s new Committee on Road Financing & Economics held its launch meeting in the wake of the Road Safety Symposium in Bucharest, Romania. The meeting saw interesting debate and a wide representation from both public and private sector parties, coming from developing as well as developed nations.

24 May 2011
Main Stakeholders in Transport Statistics meet in Paris

The Global Transport Intelligence (GTI) initiative is a joint initiative of organizations which are involved in the collection, analysis and dissemination of data on transport in the developing countries.

24 May 2011
Launching of the Decade of Action for Road Safety in the UNECE Region.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) conference “Launching of the Decade of Action (2011-2010) for Road Safety in the UNECE region”, hosted by the Ministry of the Interior, Road Traffic Directorate, Ministry of Infrastructure and Road Traffic Safety Agency of Serbia took place on 27-29 April 2011 in Belgrade.

23 May 2011
Ambassadors activities report

This report covers the period January –December 2010 and January –May 2011 and prospective activities before the end of the year 2011. I am grateful for the support given during this time from Geneva particularly from Sibylle Rupprecht; Caroline Visser and Lydia Scotto who have been readily available to answer my queries and advice on issues that I have been communicating with them not forgetting my colleague Mr. Nk Sinha from India for his support during this time. Promotion of IRF was mainly done using existing forums which I have been involved organizing within the country.

26 April 2011
IRF speaks at the Preparatory Meeting of the 19th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum

The second preparatory meeting of the Economic and Environmental Forum - organized by Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities in co-operation with the Lithuanian Chairmanship - was held in Druskininkai, Lithuania on 4 and 5 April 2011.

25 April 2011
UN Road Safety Collaboration Group meets in London

The 13th meeting of the UN Road Safety Collaboration met in London, UK from 11-13 April 2011. Over 70 stakeholders from all overof the world gathered to discuss the upcoming launch of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020). Concrete actions were discussed in the working groups to help achieve the objectives and goals of the Decade.

25 April 2011
First IRF Environment Study Day to be organized in Geneva

The concept of Green Public Procurement has been widely recognised in recent years as a useful tool for driving the market for greener products and services and reducing the environmental impacts of public authorities’ activities.

22 April 2011
UNECE Team of Specialists on PPP meets in Geneva

The International Road Federation’s presence at the Third Session of the UNECE Team of Specialists (ToS) on PPP was both rewarding and constructive. The 2-day Conference, held at the UN Palais des Nations in Geneva, was attended by IRF’s PPP expert Caroline Visser, and IRF Road Finance intern Paul Bossidy.

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