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08 April 2010
IRF at Intertraffic 2010

This year, Intertraffic, the world's leading trade fair in the field of infrastructure, ITS traffic management, safety and parking, celebrated its 20th anniversary with its biggest ever show. Held in Amsterdam from 22-26 March, the event brought together over 800 exhibitors, from more than 40 countries, to showcase the latest industry trends and developments. Virtually the entire top 50 global concerns were in attendance.  Intertraffic 2010 also offered an even wider range of theme categories. In addition to its regular segments, the scope of the event was expanded to include two new sections, environment and cooperative systems.

06 April 2010
Keynote presence of IRF at China National Forum

The 5th China National Forum on Innovative Highway Technology was convened in Beijing from 7-9 April. Organised by the China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS) - a member of IRF - the theme for this year's forum was "Technical Innovation and Scientific Development on Roads".

01 April 2010
BSEC Working Group on Transport meets in Istanbul

A meeting of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) Working Group on Transport took place on 24 March in Istanbul. It was attended by representatives from the Member States of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. The Czech Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran attended as observers. A number of BSEC sectoral dialogue partners also participated, including the Black and Azov Seas Ports Association (BASPA), the Black Sea International Shipowners’ Association (BINSA), the Black Sea Region Association of Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers (BRASS), and the Union of Road Transport Associations in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Area (BSEC-URTA). IRF and IRU were present as international partner organisations.

17 March 2010
IRF PPP Working Group meets in Geneva

Under the chairmanship of Michel Démarre, of the French National Federation of Public Works (FNTP), the IRF Working Group on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) met recently in Geneva to review progress and latest developments. The main current task of the Working Group is to publish a booklet on PPPs for Urban Road Networks. This booklet will essentially be based on a series of case studies, including assessments with respect to each and overall findings.

16 March 2010
The Inland Transport Committee holds its 72nd session in Geneva

On 23-25 February 2010, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe held the annual session of its Inland Transport Committee (ITC). The ITC is the highest political body of the UNECE in the field of transport and this year's session brought together high-level officials from the 56 UNECE member States, as well as representatives of 8 intergovernmental organisations and 8 NGOs, including IRF.

24 February 2010
IRF calls for greater focus on transport and climate change

At the Copenhagen climate change convention (COP 15) in December, the IRF (International Roads Federation) will join other transport stakeholders and advocacy groups to ask for transport to be given greater consideration.

At present, transport falls under "energy" in terms of the Kyoto Protocol, the subject of discussions at the Copenhagen convention, but IRF is calling for the transport sector should be regarded as a case on its own.

19 February 2010
TRB annual meeting addresses

The 89th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRF), held in Washington from 10-14 January, attracted upwards of 10.000 transportation professionals from around the world. Almost 600 sessions, organised around the central theme of "Investing in Our Transportation Future – BOLD Ideas to Meet BIG Challenges", provided policy-makers, practitioners, researchers and government representatives with the very latest insights and research findings on all transportation modes.

17 February 2010
IRF Brain-Storming Meeting

IRF, as your association, has embarked on a thorough and extensive analysis of its present status, together with a comprehensive review of future trends and opportunities, aimed at evolving a common road map and strategic plan for the future. A first meeting, to which all members were cordially invited in order to kick start this process, was held on Monday, 15 February 2010, in Geneva, Switzerland.

12 February 2010
Road Safety Campaign by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and IRF India Chapter

A joint initiative of IRF India with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India has been launched as National Campaign for "Reduction Of Road Fatalities" on 23 September 2009. Here are some slogans on road safety which are being issued in some 130 leading newspapers daily and in different languages around India.

21 January 2010
IRF participates in the development of the Black Sea Ring Highway

Maria Novikov represented IRF at the third meeting of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) Steering Committee for the Development of the Black Sea Ring Highway (BSRH). The meeting took place at the BSEC Headquarters in Istanbul on 8-9 December 2009. IRF member Egnatia Odos S.A., a Greek road infrastructure operator, holds the Joint Permanent Secretariat of the Highway project. The project aims at providing a high quality highway around the Black Sea that runs continuously across the borders of BSEC Member States.

15 January 2010
IRF concludes landmark Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Birmingham (UK)

A key Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on 16th December 2009 by Sibylle Rupprecht, Director General of the International Road Federation, and Professor Michael Sheppard, Vice-Principal of the University of Birmingham.

By concluding this MoU, IRF and the University of Birmingham officially recognise their joint will and shared commitment to a mutually beneficial, co-operative relationship aimed at promoting teaching, research and other collaborative activity, in accordance with the following main aims and principles:

16 December 2009
City of Tshwane Receives Prince Michael International Road Safety Award

The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality in South Africa has won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for their innovation and achievement in improving road safety through their guideline document for the development of road safety master plans. The award was handed to officials of the Division at the annual luncheon held in London on 8 December 2009. Prince Michael of Kent is the patron of the RoadSafe Organisation, who recognises exceptional achievements and innovation in road safety internationally.

16 December 2009
Congratulations Hildon Vorster

The International Road Federation would like to extend its sincere congratulation to Mr. Hilton Vorster, in winning the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality in London on 8 December 2009.  Prince Michael of Kent is the patron of the RoadSafe organisation, who recognises exceptional achievements and innovation in road safety internationally.

01 December 2009
IRF attends the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Moscow

IRF was represented at the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety by Ms. Nathalie Pereira, the Road Safety Programme Manager, and Mr. Hilton Vorster, the Chairman of the IRF Safer Roads Working Group (SRWG). They were accompanied by a delegation composed of some of the Working Group's members.

This high-level meeting was attended by Ministers responsible for road safety from more than 70 countries, as well as leaders from international, regional, governmental and non-governmental organisations representing more than 140 countries.

01 December 2009
IRF Policy Committee on ITS meets in Moscow

The IRF Policy Committee on ITS held its latest meeting in Moscow on 20th November, 2009. The meeting was hosted by Leonid Kozlov of the International Congress of Industrialists & Entrepreneurs (ICIE), Russia.

The meeting was programmed to coincide with the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, as well as celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of the Russian Ministry of Transport, taking place in Moscow the same week. This enabled the prior organisation, on 19th November, of a successful roundtable discussion on "ITS and Road Safety" in the context of the Ministerial Conference.

26 November 2009
IRF delivers a keynote address at the Second International Road Conference in Syria

Organised by the Syrian Ministry of Transport under the auspices of His Excellency the Prime Minister, the second International Road Conference was organised in Damascus from 10-12 November, 2009.

During the opening ceremony, H.E. Yarob Badr, the Syrian Transport Minister, highlighted the importance of the Conference as an opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise with a view to empowering Road Transport Institutions to better confront key challenges in the domains of roads and traffic safety.

02 November 2009
IRF invited to make keynote speech at major Road Safety Conference in Australia

The Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales recently invited IRF's Director General, Sibylle Rupprecht, to make the opening keynote address at the 2009 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference - the most important road safety conference in Australia.

The event was opened by the Australian Minister of Transport, the Hon. David Campbell MP. It attracted more than 500 delegates from across Australia and overseas, and high calibre papers were presented.

23 October 2009
Sibylle Rupprecht invited to make a presentation at 10th Transportation Congress of Turkey

The 10th Transportation Congress was held from 27 September and 1 October 2009 in Istanbul. The object of this congress was to ensure that our country figures among the 10 most developed countries in the world by the 100th anniversary of our republic. The Transportation Congress looked at all means of transport, air, rail, maritime and road.

23 October 2009
The beauty of human-powered mobility: IRF participates at UNECE workshop promoting cycling and walking in cities

Finding sustainable and alternative ways to move about in urban areas -- such as "humanpowered mobility" like cycling and walking -- was the topic of a workshop held outside Praguefrom 24-25 September 2009. Cycling and walking are examples of environmentally-friendly modes of transport that contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions in cities, have a low impact on urban congestion and are a boost to human health. National and local policies are needed to support walking and cycling as increasingly attractive and viable modes of urban mobility.

23 October 2009
IRF Environment Working Group meets in Geneva

Under the chairmanship of Dimitris Mandalozis, of Attikes Diadromes S.A. (Greece), the IRF Environment Working Group met in Geneva on 5th October 2009 to review progress and latest developments.

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