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18 September 2009
4th African Transportation Technology Transfer Conference

This conference was hosted by the Roads Authority of Namibia, in partnership with the Association of Southern African National Roads Agencies and the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP). The United States Department of Transport, the US Federal Transit Association and the Federal Highway Administration also supported the event, which was convened in Windhoek, Namibia, from 31st August to 4th September, 2009.

11 August 2009
IRF activities during the ITS World Congress, Stockholm, 21st - 25th September, 2009

The theme for this year's annual ITS World Congress is "Intelligent Transport Systems in daily life", demonstrating the presence and importance of ITS in everyday mobility. ITS is the link between travellers, vehicles and infrastructure and can bring significant benefits to society.

IRF Geneva will be present at the World Congress with two key events:

06 August 2009
IRF's Environment Specialist makes keynote contribution to the 28th Southern African Transport Conference

Sustainable transport was the theme of this year's South African Transport Conference (SATC) held in association with the Transportation Research Board of the U.S. National Academies. Around 600 delegates active in the transport sector came together at the CSIR International Convention Centre from 6-9 July for the 28th edition of SATC.

06 August 2009
IRF participates at the Verbier Green Pioneering Summit (GPS)

The Verbier Green Pioneering Summit (GPS) was held on 2nd August 2009 in Verbier, a well-known mountain and ski resort in Switzerland.

Against this idyllic setting, high level experts gathered to discuss ways of re-establishing the vital equilibrium between economic, social and environmental values, with a special focus on communities.

07 July 2009
Visiting an IRF Member

Sibylle Rupprecht, attending the UN Road Safety Collaboration Meeting, hosted by UNESCAP in Bangkok, Thailand, took the opportunity to visit the IRF member, Road Association of Thailand (RATH).

07 July 2009
10th UN Road Safety Collaboration Meeting

Sibylle Rupprecht attended the 10th UN Road Safety Collaboration Meeting hosted by UNESCAP in Bangkok, Thailand. IRF is one of the core partners of the collaboration group and within this group chairs the Working Group on Infrastructure.

07 July 2009
IRF invited to make presentation at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Road Safety Workshop

IRF was invited to make a presentation at the workshop for setting regional and national road traffic casualty reduction targets held in Minsk, Republic of Belarus, on 12-14 May.  This workshop,organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN-ECE) and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Belarus, was the first of a series of workshops on target setting funded by the United Nations Development Account (UNDA).

25 June 2009
Global Road Safety Partnership 10th Annual Meeting

IRF was one of the participants present at GRSP's 10 year Anniversary meeting.  Among the present participants were public health officials, civil society groups, industry leaders and road safety specialist from around the globe.  The event took place at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies headquarters in Geneva.

29 May 2009
IRF features in high level panel discussion at International Transport Forum

During the International Transport Forum, held in Leipzig, Germany, from 25th to 29th May, Caroline Visser from IRF Geneva took part as a panellist in a high-level workshop on Strategic Transport Infrastructure Planning & Financing. Moderated by Lord Gus MacDonald, former UK Transport Minister and current chairman of Macquarie Capital (Europe), the workshop panellists discussed how to stimulate the economy through transport investments, the role of economic appraisal in prioritising investments and the respective roles of public finance, private finance and public private partnerships (PPP). The objective of the workshop was to formulate key messages for the Ministerial Session taking place a day later on Thursday 28th May.

28 May 2009
Senior Road Executive Programme held at the University of Birmingham

The International Road Federation and the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Birmingham (U.K.) hosted a highly successful international Senior Road Executive Programme from 21st to 23rd May, 2009. The seminar gave participants a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and experience, as well as enhance their technical, managerial and policy-making skills. In this respect, the course was designed to equip them with a solid grounding from which to implement improved road management and finance techniques, once back in their own countries.

28 May 2009
Transport Ministers and industry leaders deliver a set of key messages at ITF, 2009

Around the theme "Transport for a Global Economy: Challenges and Opportunities in the Downturn", the 2009 International Transport Forum (ITF), was convened this year in Leipzig, in the presence of 52 government Ministers and top business leaders from around the world. The International Road Federation (IRF) was actively involved in the debates (see report below by Caroline Visser on one of the panel discussions), and also prominently represented throughout the forum from its information booth.

20 May 2009
IRF contributes to the Meeting of the BSEC Working Group on Transport

The IRF was cordially invited to take part in the working group meeting held at the BSEC Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey from 12-13 February 2009. This meeting was attended by delegates representing BSEC member states, NGO’s and International Organizations.  The Working Group on Transport meeting was chaired by the representative of the Republic of Armenia, who holds currently the presidency of the BSEC, and addressed by the Secretary General of BSEC PERMIS.

19 May 2009
United Nations and International Roads Federation join forces for road safety in UAE

In an effort to reduce accidents on UAE roads, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the International Road Federation (IRF) supported by 3M, held two targeted seminars on conspicuity marking in the UAE with the objective of helping authorities reduce accidents involving heavy vehicles.

18 May 2009
IRF Man of the Year 2008

Alain Dupont began his career over 40 years ago as a young engineer with SCREG, today part of the Colas Group. In 1987, he was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Colas Group. Under his leadership, Colas grew and thrived. The Group became an industry leader in high safety standards and undertook groundbreaking research into environmentally friendly construction materials. Similarly, it pioneered the assessment of CO2 emissions from road construction projects using a GHG calculator.

11 May 2009
IRF features at the China Road Summit 2009

Organised in Shanghai on 6 and 7 May 2009, this year edition of the China Road Summit was attended by executives from Chinese and international companies active in the road infrastructure sector as well as government representatives. The event was opened up by Susanna Zammataro, Deputy Director General IRF Geneva. This was an opportunity to illustrate IRF mission and activities, to introduce to the audience the gTKP project ( run by the IRF since March 2009 and to focus in particular on IRF activities in the field of environment. The greenhouse gas calculator for road infrastructure projects developed by the IRF raised great interest from Chinese authorities.

23 April 2009
IRF Geneva General Assembly 2009

On 23rd April 2009, IRF Geneva held its annual General Assembly/Board of Directors meeting in Paris, France. In the beautiful boardroom of the FNT (Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics), and against the spectacular backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, the General Assembly reviewed activities undertaken in 2008 and commended the actions planned for 2009.

08 April 2009
IRF PPP working group undergoes Urban Toll Motorway experience in Paris

On 12 March 2009, the members of IRF’s Working Group on Public Private Partnerships met just outside Paris in the new offices of SANEF, a French motorway concessionaire and affiliate of Abertis.

06 April 2009
IRF Policy Committee on Intelligent Transport Systems meets in Geneva

On Thursday 2nd April 2009, the IRF Policy Committee on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) gathered in Geneva for an inaugural meeting, further to its establishment during the ITS World Congress in New York last November. The Policy Committee is made up of high-level experts in ITS and brings together IRF members, national & supranational governments, regional and national ITS associations, research institutes and private sector businesses active in ITS. The objective of the Committee is to foster the development and implementation of ITS by promoting its integration in transport policies as a major tool to make roads safer, make them flow better and improve their environmental performance.

31 March 2009
News from IRF India

Mr K K Kapila, Vice Chairman-IRF and Chairman-IRF India Chapter and Mr N K Sinha, IRF India Ambassador were invited by Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor (L.G.) of Delhi to the Governing Body meeting of Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning and Engineering) Centre (UTTIPEC) held on 20th March 2009. 

24 February 2009
Current economic situation: PPP financing in dire straits?

On 18 and 19 February SMi organized a two-day seminar in London, UK, around the theme  Financing Options for PPP/PFI. The seminar brought together participants from both the public and private sectors and looked specifically into current and future options for PPP financing.

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