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30 September 2014
IRF and Roads Australia to host major Regional Conference in Sydney Call for abstracts open!

30 September 2014
ADB Transport Forum 2014 – IRF reinforces collaborations in the region

30 September 2014
Financing transport infrastructure: IRF speaking at UNECE workshop

30 September 2014
IRF shares ITS Education survey results in webinar

30 September 2014
IRF Road Safety Group of Experts meets in South Africa

19 September 2014
New Partnership Creates Holistic Approach in Road Safety

Fleet Forum and the International Road Federation, Geneva Programme Centre have teamed up to contribute to safer roads throughout the world. The three-year partnership, Fleet Excellence Training Programme is built around a holistic approach that brings together a broad range of organizations that use the roads - from private companies and various humanitarian groups to road users and fleet managers.

02 July 2014
IRF supports the 7th Africa Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) Conference. The call for papers is now open!

Guided by the Zimbabwe new economic blue-print, ZIMASSET, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development in Zimbabwe in collaboration with IRF, the Association of Southern African National Road Agencies (ASANRA) and other stakeholders in the transport sector is organizing the 7th Africa Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) Conference.

02 July 2014
Greener Asphalt Roads EDGAR Project

Carried out by four well-known research organizations, and financed by CEDR, this two year project aims at inventorying and assessing “green techniques” in road construction. IRF supports this project as a member of the Advisory Group.

02 July 2014
IRF side event at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2014

Building the future today is one of the main priorities of the next Michelin Challenge Bibendum which will take place in Chengdu, China on 11-16 November 2014. IRF will be present in the official programme with a side event on “The Future of Urban Mobility” organized jointly with other international stakeholders.

01 July 2014
50 Years of World Road Statistics

Launched at the end of 2013, the IRF 50th Anniversary Edition of the WRS is the most updated data compilation of the full 12 year period of 2000-2011. This special edition has received resounding support and testimonials from the international community and is now published in two attractive volumes and a CD-ROM with Excel files.

23 June 2014
UNECE embarks on developing standards for Public-Private Partnerships

The Team of Specialists on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is embarking on a process of developing global standards for PPPs. The Team was convened for a meeting in the UN Palace in Geneva on 23rd and 24th of June.

18 June 2014
Discussing innovation in procurement at the ERF symposium

The European Road Federation (ERF) organized in Brussels on 18th June a symposium to discuss Future Road Infrastructure Challenges. IRF was represented by Susanna Zammataro (IRF) and Marisa Cruz (Evonik AG) and shared experience on innovation and procurement, two key themes in the work of the IRF Environment Committee.

17 June 2014
IRF ITS Policy Committee creates new momentum in Helsinki

The IRF welcomed a wide representation of the ITS sector at the meeting of its Policy Committee on 17 June. The Committee meeting was organised in conjunction with the ITS in Europe Congress in Helsinki, Finland, on 16-19 June.

16 June 2014
EU ITS Advisory Group meets in Helsinki

Chaired by the newly appointed Director General of Mobility & Transport (DG MOVE) at the European Commission, Mr João Aguiar Machado, the EU ITS Advisory Group was convened for an informal meeting on 16 June, in conjunction with the 2014 ITS in Europe Congress in Helsinki. The Advisory Group is composed of major international ITS-industry representatives and advises the EC on the implementation of the EU ITS Directive. IRF is represented in the Group by Mrs Caroline Visser, ITS director.

22 May 2014
IRF General Assembly & Board of Directors meet in Paris and firm up venue and dates of the next IRF World Meeting

The IRF held its annual Statutory Meetings in Paris on 16th April 2014. Besides reviewing activities and plan for the year to come, the gathering provided an opportunity to firm up the venue and dates of the next IRF World Meeting.  This major event will be held at New Delhi, the capital of India on 14-17 November 2017.

15 May 2014
IRF and FIA Seminar in Paris energises discussion on safe and sustainable roads

IRF and the Fédération Internationale Automobile (FIA) jointly organized a seminar on Road Safety, Sustainable Development and Financing on Thursday 17 April, one week after the UN adopted its latest resolution on “Improving global road safety”. The seminar was hosted by FIA at their headquarters in Paris and brought together a distinguished panel of international speakers.

15 May 2014
IRF Road Safety Group of Experts reviews implementation of 2014 Action Plan

The meeting of the IRF Group of Experts on Road Safety took place in Paris on 16 April in conjunction with the IRF Statutory Meetings and IRF-FIA Seminar Road Safety, Sustainable Development and Financing. The main objective of the meeting was to bring together members to review progress in implementing the 2014 Action Plan and discuss new initiatives for 2014.

15 May 2014
Key Performance Indicators for ITS policy red thread during meeting of the IRF Policy Committee on ITS

In conjunction with the IRF Statutory meetings, the IRF Policy Committee on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) met in Paris on Wednesday 16 April.
The agenda of the meeting featured an update on current ITS deployment and policy issues in the host country, France.

15 May 2014
New chairman of the IRF Road Financing Committee takes up the call for sustainable funding for roads

The IRF Statutory meetings in Paris on 16th of April provided the occasion for the IRF Road Financing & Economics Committee to hold its 6th working meeting. IRF Chairman Mr Kiran Kapila introduced Mr Joseph Haule, Roads Fund Manager from Tanzania, as the new committee chair. Mr Haule takes over the role from Mrs Vilrid Femoen, who has left the Norwegian Road Federation to join the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in April 2014.

15 May 2014
IRF @ the International Transport Forum Statistics Meeting

Organized by the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the OECD in Paris on 10-11 April 2014, the meeting aimed at debating a series of issues related to transport statistics and how to develop a more consistent and efficient international framework in this field, by promoting exchange between experts from different countries and organizations. IRF Geneva was represented by its statistics & data specialist, Cristian Gonzalez, who was invited to discuss the quality and coverage of inland transport statistics.

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