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15 May 2014
The IRF Environment Committee calls for new case studies

Released in Geneva on 11 December, in the framework of the IRF Summit “Bringing Policy and Practice Together”, the publication “Moving Towards Green Road Infrastructure: Case Studies and Lessons Learned” marked the fulfillment of the goal the IRF Environment Committee had set for itself in terms of tools to be developed to elucidate the stand of the Federation and its members, when it comes to roads and environment. The IRF Environment Committee now calls for new case studies to be added to the publication.

15 May 2014
Decade of Action Policy & Donor Forum: IRF Chairman calls for greater collaboration amongst organizations involved in Road Safety

Hosted in Melbourne, the Decade of Action Policy & Donor Forum 2014, provided an excellent opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety and to assess progress.  IRF Chairman, Mr Kiran K. Kapila was invited to address this distinguished audience of Road Safety champions.

15 May 2014
In New York for UNRSC meeting and debate on new UN Road Safety Resolution

The Road Safety community met in New York on 10th April for the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) group meeting and the debate in the UN General Assembly on a new Road Safety Resolution. The International Road Federation was represented by Susanna Zammataro who serves, within UNRSC, as co-chair of the project group dedicated to Safer Roads and Mobility.

15 May 2014
IRF General Assembly & Board of Directors meet in Paris and firm up venue and dates of the next IRF World Meeting

The IRF held its annual Statutory Meetings in Paris on 16th April 2014. Besides reviewing activities and plan for the year to come, the gathering provided an opportunity to firm up the venue and dates of the next IRF World Meeting.  This major event will be held at New Delhi, the capital of India on 14-17 November 2017.

25 April 2014
IRF announces dates of the 18th World Meeting: New Delhi, 14-17 November 2017

The Executive Committee and the Board of IRF at their annual Statutory Meeting held in Paris on 16th April 2014 have firmed up the venue and dates of the next IRF World Meeting. This major event will be held at New Delhi, the capital of India from 14-17 November 2017. 

30 January 2014
Transport : Working for a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)

In June 2012, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20) agreed to launch a process to develop a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that can be used to pursue focused and coherent action on sustainable development after ratification by the UN General Assembly. An Open Working Group (OWG),is presently working on this and will submit a report to the 68th Session of the General Assembly.Transport needs to be included in this, for which the industry needs to mobilise opinion, urgently.The transport industry needs the highest priority in funding and project implementation for sustainable development.

16 January 2014
Conspicuity Drive for Cyclists: IRF IC’s Unique Initiative for Road Safety of Vulnerable Users

Road accident deaths in India number the highest in the world. Among these, a very vulnerable segment of road users is constituted of cyclists and in 2011, 6,824 cyclists are estimated to have died in accidents across India. Many of these deaths are attributable to poor road visibility of cyclists. Needless to say, apart from the social trauma caused by these fatalities, the economic loss as a result of the loss of valuable lives is enormous.

14 January 2014
Fleet Forum and IRF to conduct training courses and workshops on Fleet Management

Fleet Forum and the International Road Federation, Geneva Programme Centre have entered into a three year agreement to conduct training courses and workshops on Fleet Management.

06 January 2014
Gearing up for Greener Road Infrastructure

IRF reiterates its commitment towards making sustainable transport a reality by releasing a new publication that looks at tangible solutions for each of the stages in the life-cycle of road infrastructure. The publication “Moving Towards Green Road Infrastructure: Case Studies and Lessons Learned” is the result of the IRF Environment Committee’s long standing capacity to act as a catalyst in raising awareness, promoting immediate practical action, and inspiring further innovation throughout the sector.

06 December 2013
Fostering truck driver safety in India at the core of IRU-IRF collaboration

In a unique collaboration between the road infrastructure and transport operator industries, the International Road Federation (IRF) and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) are teaming up to address truck driver safety in India.

26 August 2013
IRF welcomes new Director General of Geneva Programme Center

Mr. Ian Webb was appointed as Director General of IRF Geneva Programme Center. Mr. Ian Webb’s six month tenure as Director General commenced on 22 August 2013. A seasoned and well respected professional, Mr. Ian Webb brings with him, 32 years of rich and varied experience at CEO/Chairman level as well as holder of key positions in the Government of Australia.

09 July 2013
IRF welcomes TRL as a corporate member

TRL, the UK's Transport Research Laboratory, has joined the International Road Federation (IRF), the leading professional association that brings together public, private and academic domain in the road sector. Joining a global network of road operators and authorities, universities, national road associations, construction companies, engineering bureaus and transport consultants, TRL will take part in IRF's global mission to promote the development of roads and road networks that enable access and sustainable mobility for all.

View full press release here

21 June 2013
Creating Universal Access to Safe, Clean and Affordable Transport

One year after Rio+20 the SLoCaT Partnership (of which IRF is a member) is happy to report that the implementation of the Rio+20 Voluntary Commitments on Sustainable Transport is on track. The Partnership presented a report “Creating Universal Access to Safe, Clean and Affordable Transport” Thursday 20 June at the Berlin High Level Dialogue on Implementing Rio+20 Decisions on Sustainable Cities and Transport. IRF supports the efforts of the Partnership towards making sustainable transport a reality for all.

View full news here

19 June 2013
IRF Chairman addresses 7th IRU Euro-Asian Road Transport Conference in Jordan

On 12 & 13 June 2013, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) gathered Transport Ministers, representatives of international organisations and financial institutions at the occasion of the 7th IRU Euro-Asian Road Transport Conference, in Amman, Jordan. IRF Chairman Mr. Kiran K. Kapila was invited to participate in the deliberations on the promotion and further facilitation of trade and international road transport to drive economic growth, social stability and prosperity in the Arab world.

18 June 2013
IRF addresses the India Infrastructure Show in New Delhi

Addressing the theme of investment and development opportunities for infrastructure operators, government, developers and investors, the India Infrastructure Show took place in New Delhi on 22 May 2013. Some 200+ delegates from the entire infrastructure value chain in India and beyond convened at the conference, which provided the opportunity to discuss partnerships and investment strategies for expanding and upgrading India’s road infrastructure. IRF was represented by its Vice-Chairman, Dr. Adnan Rahman, who delivered a keynote address on “Developing a Vision and Strategy to Deliver Urban Mobility in India”.

17 June 2013
IRF held a high level expert presentation at the 2013 International Transport Forum

IRF's Executive Committee Member and Chair of IRF Road Financing and Economics committee, Mrs. Vilrid Femoen, participated as a speaker in the side event “Understanding the Value of Transport Infrastructure” at the ITF annual summit 2013 in Leipzig, Germany, on 23 May 2013. Her presentation on “Using assessment data to support policy decisions - Case: Norway” stimulated considerable interest among the high level expert audience.

16 June 2013
gTKP experience and potential discussed at UNESCAP meeting in Hanoi

IRF Geneva was invited to share its experience with the global Transport Knowledge Practice (gTKP) at the Expert Group Meeting on Road Maintenance and Management, organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and the World Bank in Vietnam.

15 June 2013
IRF and ERF hold joint workshop on Key Performance Indicators for ITS Policy

The IRF Policy Committee on ITS, in collaboration with the European Union Road Federation (ERF), convened a meeting in Brussels on the 26th of April to discuss the way forward in supporting organisations to adopt proper ITS policy frameworks. The meeting was geared towards identifying stakeholders’ needs, creating a common understanding and identifying major Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for ITS policies. It was also used to explore options for joining forces and for creating a platform of likeminded institutions, eventually providing inputs for an action plan.

14 June 2013
IRF provides key contribution to OECD/ITF publication on Understanding the Value of Transport Infrastructure

At the occasion of the International Transport Forum held on 22-24 May 2013 in Leipzig, OECD/ITF launched the publication of thereport “Understanding the Value of Transport Infrastructure - Guidelines for macro-level measurement of spending and assets”. The publication is compiled by the OECD/ITF Taskforce on Measuring Transport InfrastructureSpending and Assets, with the aim of demonstrating to decision makers how important the process of collecting, editing and updating data on transport infrastructure is, to improve decision-making. IRF's statistician, Dr. Cristian Gonzalez, participated in the elaboration and the panel discussions of experts for improving this report.

13 June 2013
IRF enhances debate on Green Public Procurement (GPP) both at EU and international level

IRF has actively responded to the stakeholders consultation launched by the European Commission as part of the revision process of the EU Green Public Procurement criteria for Road Construction and Traffic Signs. The IRF Environment Committee has been quite active on this crucial issue and has considerable experience and expertise to share. In its submission, IRF underlined the necessity to adopt a comprehensive approach by including road furniture in the product scope currently under revision. GPP offers an excellent opportunity to spur innovation often at no extra cost.

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