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IRF Ambassador's Articles

11 November 2009
Report by Mr Wenjie Liu, IRF Ambassador in China

It's a great pleasure for me to accept responsibility as IRF Ambassador for China. I undertake to do my utmost to foster IRF aims and activities in China, and promote the organisation's influence with a view to improving the development of the Chinese highway industry.

11 November 2009
Report by Mr. N K Sinha, IRF Ambassador in India

In my capacity as IRF Ambassador, my principal activities have been with respect to the following:
1. Setting up of the IRF India Chapter in New Delhi.
2. Attending the General Assembly and Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday, 23rd April 2009 on behalf of IRF's Vice-Chairman, Mr. Kiran Kapila; and attending the Working Group Meeting on Road Safety on 24th April 2009 in Paris.
3. Member Technical Committee, Lisbon Congress - Theme 4, Road Financing and Management.
4. Launch of National Campaign on “Reduction of Road Fatalities” in India, held on 23rd September 2009, in association with the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
5. 4th IRF Regional Conference on "Accident Prevention: Road Safety Measures", held on 23-24 October 2009 in New Delhi.
6. Preparation for a presentation on "Development of Rural Roads in India – PMGSY Experience" for the Rural Roads Convention in Arusha, Tanzania, from 25th to 27th November 2009.

11 November 2009
Emerging mega-road development business opportunities in Nigeria - Report by Mr. Chude Ojugbana, IRF Ambassador in Nigeria

Nigeria is an oil rich nation and the most populous country in Africa, with some 150 million inhabitants. Despite its rating as the 5th largest oil producing nation in the world, the country is still rated very low in terms of infrastructural development, especially with respect to transport related issues.

11 November 2009
Report by Mr. Valentin Stoica, IRF Ambassador in Romania

Since my appointment in 2008, I have striven to give the position of IRF Ambassador to Romania more and more visibility within the roads infrastructure industry. The main objectives of my activity have been to promote IRF among potential partners that may be willing to join our organisation; emphasising the benefits brought to a company or institution through such membership; and facilitating communication between members of IRF in Romania and the Secretariat in Geneva.