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09 November 2011
Green rating systems for road infrastructure projects

VicRoads, the Victoria Road Authority, has recently released its sustainability rating tool for road construction projects, named INVEST (Integrated VicRoads Environmental Sustainability Tool). Similar to other rating tools, INVEST is a certification program that distinguishes road construction projects based on the extent to which they incorporate sustainable choices.

According to Dr Helen Murphy, Director, Environmental Sustainability, “the long term goal for INVEST is to raise the sustainability benchmarks across road construction projects and enable non-price attributes to be assessed as part of tender evaluation processes”.

The sustainability rating is for VicRoads projects only and the scope of the tool is currently limited to large construction projects. IRF is part of the international review panel engaged to oversee the implementation of the programme.

Greenroads Rating SystemGreenroads is the other sustainability rating tool that IRF is closely looking into. Developed by the University of Washington together with other partners, Greenroads is a rating system designed to distinguish more sustainable new, reconstructed or rehabilitated roads. It awards credits for approved sustainable choices/practices and can be used to certify projects based on point value.

It is a collection of sustainability best practices, called "credits," that relate specifically to roadway design and construction. Achieving these credits can earn points toward a total score for the project. Four different certification levels (rating) are available depending upon total score on a voluntary basis. In 4 years of development, Greenroads has been tested on over 50 design and construction projects of various types, shapes, sizes and stages of design and construction.

The IRF and the Greenroad foundation are exploring opportunities to collaborate in order to facilitate the scaling up of the tool at the international level.

Want to know more about Greenroads, share your experience, or make a suggestion? Please contact Susanna Zammataro - IRF Geneva –