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09 November 2011
IRF and IISD join hands to boost Green Public Procurement

IRF and 200 other selected participants were convened last October in Copenhagen for the Global Green Growth Forum. As a result of the strategy session on Green Public Procurement (GPP) – to which IRF actively contributed - stakeholders present at the forum formally tabled interest in an international initiative to promote green public procurement that could be coordinated by IISD. IRF will lead the initiative's work in the road infrastructure sector.

IRF and IISD are already teaming up for a workshop on “Green Public Procurement and Public Private Partnerships” to be held during the 5th Africa Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) Conference  scheduled in Arusha - Tanzania on 21-25 November 2011. The objective of the workshop is to introduce the business case for SPP and PPP and discuss its contents in the context of Africa and the road sector.

GPP is defined as “a process whereby public authorities seek to procure goods, services and works with a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle when compared to goods, services and works with the same primary function that would otherwise be procured”. The sheer scale of public procurement is what makes it an important catalyst for green growth. Governments spend almost half their budgets on procurement. The USA, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland, for example, began to implement GPP strategies almost 20 years ago.  These initiatives have led to the launch of global markets sustainable goods and services in a number of sectors. Emerging countries that are working to build on this success include India, China, South Korea, Chile, the Western Cape, South Africa and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

GPP programmes need to serve as an incentive for green innovation and the scaling up of green technologies. But they also need to serve – particularly in emerging countries - as a vehicle for sustainable and equitable development.

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