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19 September 2014
New Partnership Creates Holistic Approach in Road Safety

Fleet Forum and the International Road Federation, Geneva Programme Centre have teamed up to contribute to safer roads throughout the world. The three-year partnership, Fleet Excellence Training Programme is built around a holistic approach that brings together a broad range of organizations that use the roads - from private companies and various humanitarian groups to road users and fleet managers.

Five-day trainings in Brussels, Johannesburg, Tanzania, New Delhi and Bangkok have introduced new information to attendees including new models to deal with existing problems. Experts with a tremendous amount of experience lead discussions.

“There was a good mix of field and HQ people and I found listening to their experiences very informative,” said Cillian O’Kelly of GOAL who attended the AidEx Fleet Excellence training in Brussels..

 “There was a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the room and the facilitator actively encouraged people to contribute,” said O’Kelly. “The concepts introduced were very useful for understanding fleet but also for emphasising the importance of good fleet management and resourcing to senior management within our organizations.”

The trainings also provided new insights into making operations safer and more cost effective. Information provided helped attendees plan appropriate fleet sizes, annual budgets, vehicle rotation and drive availability. In addition, attendees that have not had the opportunity for formal trainings in fleet operation or management got the chance to really learn the area from the ground up including different ideas to help reduce environmental impact in day to day operations.

Haig Sawasawa of Total LandCare Malawi attended the Brussels AidEx training said the trainings were extremely beneficial to Total LandCare. “The organization I was working with had no fleet management policy and now the draft is waiting on approval from the board. We have reduced fuel use significantly and general vehicle management has improved.”

Attendees highly recommended the trainings.“The Fleet Trainings by Fleet Forums highly professional trainer, are beneficial to all the new or working people in the field of fleet,” said Dahn Ghimire of Save the Children who attended the training week in Nepal,. “It is a blend of both practical and theoretical knowledge which is developed through long interaction and study of fleet management around the world in different organizations.” 97% of participants agree or strongly agree that the training has given them enough knowledge and skills to start improving. 100% of participants recommend others to participate in the trainings.

Future Trainings

Coming up in 2014 there will be one more training week in Lagos, Nigeria, November 10-14. The registration from is available for download on the International Road Federation Geneva Programme Centre Website. You can also register via email and have any questions answered by Paul Jansen at or Kathleen Elsig at  The training dates for 2015 will be posted shortly.