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06 July 2015
IRF launches the Young Professionals Programme

The International Road Federation (IRF) Geneva launched the IRF Young Professionals Programme (IRF-YPP) as a vehicle for involving students and young professionals in the IRF’s activities and events. The IRF- YPP is a platform for the next generation of leaders and specialists in the road and mobility sectors to propose initiatives, share ideas and be engaged in the overall activities of IRF. The programme was launched in Birmingham, during the Senior Road Executives Course.

The Senior Road Executives Programme (SRE) run yearly by the University of Birmingham in association with the International Road Federation (IRF) has kicked off on June 22nd welcoming road executives from all over the world. IRF has chosen this opportunity to launch the IRF Young Professionals Programme (IRF-YPP). “A University campus and a renowned training programme which welcomes every year top road executives from all over the world, seemed to us the perfect occasion to create this bridge between different generations of roads and mobility professionals” says Susanna Zammataro, IRF Executive Director.

Building on the IRF’s vast network and expertise, the programme has the mission to present the road and mobility sectors as a multidisciplinary area for development for young professionals from various backgrounds. “IRF-YP members are young people who are not only interested in the road and mobility sectors, but are also keen to become part of IRF and contribute to the development and implementation of a new vision for the organisation” says Mr Kapila, IRF Chairman. “They get a unique chance to be part of the “ideas’ lab” of IRF and thus shape the future of the organization and of the sector” he continues.

IRF-YP gathers proactive graduate students enrolled in a Master or Ph.D. programme as well as young professionals working in the sector. It is currently led by three dynamic young professionals: Ana Maria de la Parra, Melinda Matyas and Yahia Hadj Youb.

On July 22nd 2015, IRF-YPP will be organizing a first webinar for students and young professionals who are interested in joining the programme. This will be a first occasion to exchange ideas and share experiences.

More information on the programme and how to join it is available here