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06 July 2015
IRF’s collaboration with the University of Birmingham on professional development

The Senior Road Executives Programme (SRE) run yearly by the University of Birmingham in association with the International Road Federation (IRF) has kicked off on June 22nd welcoming road executives from all over the world. More training will follow in September in the areas of Road Safety, Road Economics, and Rural Roads for Development.

For the last fifteen years the Senior Road Executive Programme has provided continuing professional development for senior professionals working in the road sector and, by so doing, contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and expertise and facilitated the implementation of modern approaches to the management and financing of road networks worldwide.

The University of Birmingham is now pleased to offer three new hands-on courses in the areas of road safety, road economics, and rural roads for development. The first is delivered in collaboration with iRAP (International Road Assessment Programme). The second is provided in collaboration with HDMGlobal and the third in association with IntechAssociates. All three courses are 5-day, intensive and practical residential programmes delivered by experts of international repute. They are aimed at road sector professionals, road engineers, field engineers, planners and road safety professionals who want to be exposed to cutting-edge established methodologies in road safety management and road economics.


HDM4 Course in Road Management:
7-11 September 2015
This is an international course which offers an introduction to the use of HDM-4 as a decision support tool.The course includes practical demonstrations and sessions using HDM-4 Version 2
  • Overview of where HDM-4 fits within the Road Management cycle
  • Overview of the HDM-4 analysis framework
  • Introduction to Project, Programme and Strategic Analysis using HDM-4
  • HDM-4 Integration with external systems


This course provides an introduction to building and maintaining rural roads for development.The course will include laboratory sessions to better understand simple tests which can be used in the field to determine soil properties required for appropriate design and maintenance.
Rural Roads for Development Course :
14- 18 September 2015
  • Analytical framework for understanding rural transport
  • Pro-poor transport appraisal including methods for capturing non-monetary benefits
  • Rural Road design and construction
  • Labour-based & intermediate technologies
  • Implications of climate change


iRAP Course in Road Safety:
21-25 September 2015
This is an international course which introduces to the iRAP technology for evaluating the safety impact of road infrastructure.The course includes case study work using the iRAP software
  • Risk Mapping existing roads using crash data
  • Star Rating the design of new and rehabilitated roads from plans
  • Prioritising Safer Road investment plans
  • Safety Performance Tracking roads