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06 July 2015
IRF attends the 63rd Plenary Conference of European Statisticians (CES) – UNECE

The 63rd Plenary Conference of European Statisticians (CES) was organized by the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe UNECE at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on 15-17 June 2015. IRF was represented by Dr. Cristian Gonzalez, Director of Statistics and Data.

The focus of the Statistics Conference was on the two one-full day seminars.

  • The response by official statistics to the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs
  • Modernisation of statistical production and services and managing for efficiency

The Conference provided a platform for debating a series of issues related to guidelines and recommendations to improve statistics at local and global levels in different member organizations and countries worldwide. IRF Geneva was actively represented by its Director of Statistics & Data, Dr Cristian Gonzalez, who has been invited for participating and discussing on quality and coverage of international statistics.

The main objective of the first day of the Conference was to consider the outcomes of statistical work in the UNECE region to adopt and coordinate better methods and commitments in improving global statistics for monitoring SDGs evolution. On the second day, the main objective was to extent the understanding of the modernization and innovation of statistics as the key conditions for data revolution. The Conference was also an opportunity to create and maintain relationships with statistical colleagues and share views and experiences for developing international statistics efficiently.

You will find a series of presentations of the CES work and the two seminars here

The final text of the Declaration on the role of national statistical officers in measuring and monitoring the SDGs: Download here

More information about the decision taken at the 63rd Plenary Conference of European Statisticians: Download here

For additional information and feedback, please contact Dr Cristian Gonzalez at