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Membership Classification

The IRF welcomes actors from the Public and Private Sector to join us as members. Due to growing interest we have recently opened-up membership to Individuals, as well.

You will find the different classifications of IRF membership outlined below:

  • Public Sector:
    • Governments: national, state/provincial and local levels.
    • Publicly funded universities, colleges and research institutes.
  • Private Sector:
    • Companies: contractors, consultancy firms, engineering and design companies, management firms, suppliers, distributors, equipment and manufacturers involved with the construction, development and management of roads.
    • National Road Associations & Other Industry-Related Organizations.
  • Associate: local government officials, independent consultants, university professors, students and retirees who are passionate and dedicated to the development of the road industry.

If you would like to find out more about membership with the IRF, please contact us at

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