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Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

With the growing demand for mobility and infrastructure networks accommodating it, combined with ever limited public funding, the use of Public-private partnerships (PPP) can count on growing interest from public sector agents. But setting up a fruitful partnership is no sinecure, as it often concerns projects which in itself are of a complex nature and as it is based on other concepts and mechanisms than with traditional contracts.

The debate about PPP has a tendency of being dominated by legal and financial arguments. Frequently governments look at PPPs as the answer to their funding shortages. The IRF seeks to counterbalance this by representing the voice of the industry in the debate.

The IRF advocates the use of PPP schemes in road network development by demonstrating the advantages of the use of PPP from an economic point of view. IRF also wants to raise realistic expectations about partnership contracts, since they are not a solution for everything. PPP should be considered as one of the ways in which a project can be procured.

An IRF article on the Economic advantages of PPP can be downloaded here (English version/ French version).

IRF undertakes several activities in the field of Public/private partnerships:

  • A dedicated IRF Working Group on PPP discussed issues related to the application of PPP schemes, shared experience and drafted publications addressing high level decision makers at relevant national and intergovernmental institutions. Proceedings of the PPP Working Group can be accessed on the Member Section of the IRF Geneva Website (password protected).
    The PPP Working Group has been transformed into the current IRF Road Financing & Economics Committee,in which PPP is addressed amongst a wider number of themes.
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices on the application of PPPs contributes to a better performance of procuring agents and the industry. To enhance the exchange of knowledge and experience on PPP, the Global Transport Knowledge Practice provides access to a wealth of PPP-related documentation and knowledge resources. Registration to GTKP is free of charge.
  • IRF brings out themed Publications on the subject of PPP on a regular basis. And by organising Events like international conferences and seminars, IRF contributes to the dissemination of knowledge and experience on Public/private partnerships.