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Intelligent Transport Systems

Below is the list of  IRF Transport Publications.

 Image The IRF Vienna Manifesto on ITS
The IRF Vienna Manifesto on ITS contains policy recommendations for political leaders and high level decision makers to create the proper policy frameworks to unleash the full potential of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in addressing key mobility challenges of safety, sustainability and efficiency.


 Image IRF & ITS - News and Events - July 2012
IRF is looking ahead to a very active autumn, especially with regard to its activities in the theme of Intelligent Transport Systems.

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 Image IRF Bulletin Special Edition: Intelligent Transport Systems
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is the application of technology to the management of surface transportation systems in order to increase their efficiency and safety, whilst providing travellers with mobility options based on real-time information. Relatively small investments in ITS can produce significant savings in total system costs.