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Decade of Action

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IRF Bucharest Declaration

In May 2011, IRF hosted delegates from more than forty countries in Bucharest, Romania.  The event, titled “Providing Infrastructure that Improves Road Safety”, provided the opportunity to provide best practice-based recommendations to policy-makers for developing road infrastructures designed to alleviate road-related deaths and injuries.  The symposium focused on five core themes:

  • Pillar 2 of the UN Decade of Action - Safe Roads & Mobility
  • Managing Infrastructure Performance
  • The Role of Equipment in Road Safety
  • Road safety experiences from several regions
  • Financing Infrastructure Road Safety

At the conclusion of the symposium, representatives of the IRF and IRF members pledged their support for a so-called Bucharest Declaration.  Through their activities, approaches and overall strategies, the IRF and declaration signatories pledge to:

  • Work collectively on the safe systems approach for forgiving road infrastructure.
  • Improve road safety through safety-conscious master planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance.
  • Help eliminate high risk roads sites, black spots, and hazardous road locations.
  • Actively promote road safety audits and assessments.
  • Take into account the latest technology and materials that enhance road safety.
  • Promote partnerships between all stakeholders to ensure safe infrastructure.
  • Advocate capacity building, knowledge exchange and application of best practices and harmonized standards.
  • Take into account the needs of all transport modes and road users.
  • Encourage sustainable road infrastructure with adequate budgets to meet mobility and safety requirements of all road users.

To read more about the IRF's Bucharest symposium and the Bucharest Declaration, please click here.

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