International Road Federation - IRF News The International Road Federation (IRF) is a unique global platform that brings together public and private entities committed to road development 03 July 2019 Movin’On by Michelin sets the stage for the Mobility of the Future 03 July 2019 Belt & Road: IRF to lead the Green & Sustainable Transport Committee 03 July 2019 SuM4All discusses Global Road Map of Action and new priorities 03 July 2019 A Private Sector Road Safety Coalition for Tanzania 03 July 2019 IRF Foresight Sessions at PIARC World Congress 03 July 2019 World Road Statistics 2019 – Pre-Orders & Advertising Opportunities 03 July 2019 IRF at the 70th UN Working Party on Transport Statistics 03 June 2019 IRF General Assembly elects Bill M. Halkias as IRF President 27 May 2019 IRF hosts high-level debate on the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) at ITF Summit 2019 02 April 2019 IRF at the 13th Session of the Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness and Public-Private Partnerships (CICPPP) 02 April 2019 LEARN Project: Building capacity on data in Tanzania and Senegal 02 April 2019 IRF and ASECAP strengthen collaboration and sign an MoU in Brussels 06 March 2019 The IRF Africa Board meets in Addis Ababa to discuss priority actions 06 March 2019 Total Foundation to launch a road safety coalition in Tanzania 05 March 2019 IRF India hosts conference on trauma care during Indian road safety week 04 March 2019 IRF addresses automation in transport at UN Inland Transport Committee 28 February 2019 IRF YP PROGRAMME UPDATE 18 December 2018 IRF Data Warehouse presented at the 1st African Road Safety Forum 18 December 2018 Intermodal transport and logistics: UN Working Party meets in Geneva 18 December 2018 IRF at the “International Conference on Road Safety and Mobility” in Abu Dhabi, UAE 18 December 2018 SuM4All launches engagement process on the GRA 17 December 2018 Governance and Infrastructure for Smart and Connected Mobility 17 December 2018 Addressing the needs of Vulnerable Road Users 17 December 2018 Low income countries account for only 3% of global road networks - A constraint for economic growth 17 December 2018 SaferAfrica Webinar Series: Road Safety Data Practices in Africa on 20 December 17 December 2018 IRF at the International Traffic Safety Conference in Qatar 17 December 2018 An IRF Africa Board to foster collaboration and coordination on the continent 17 December 2018 IRF at the 2nd UN Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships 17 December 2018 Safe Roads, Safe Kids! Project presented at the FIA Foundation GA 21 September 2018 PM Modi delivers his vision for the Future of Mobility in India 20 September 2018 Safe Roads Safe Kids Project: delivering a safe journey to school 20 September 2018 IRF data 2018: Europe sees a decrease in road expenditure and road maintenance expenditure 20 September 2018 Road safety community to convene in Marrakech for the 1st African Road Safety Forum 20 September 2018 IRF India Chapter Seminar on “Environmental Protection and Safety during Construction” 20 September 2018 “Fast Tracking Road Safety – IRF IC & PHDCCI Programme’’ 03 July 2018 IRF steering the WGs of the National ITS Committee in India 03 July 2018 Supporting Road Safety Data Collection in EuroMed Region 02 July 2018 The IRF Family mourns the loss of Tony Pearce and Manfred Swarovski 02 July 2018 IRF at WTC 2018 to support the organisation of The Belt & Road Transport Alliance 02 July 2018 New Governing Council of IRF – India Chapter 02 July 2018 Forthcoming Seminar on "Environmental Protection and Safety during Construction" 02 July 2018 The IRF Board of Directors elects Anouar Benazzouz as Vice-President of IRF 02 July 2018 RA – IRF Regional Conference discussed our connected and automated future 02 July 2018 Public engagement and Mediterranean countries at the centre of IRF’s interventions at ITF Summit 02 May 2018 Proceedings of IRF Intertraffic Workshops now available 02 May 2018 SaferAfrica Project discusses Data Collection in Africa 02 May 2018 Meet us in China at the World Transport Convention 2018 30 April 2018 Applications for the Evonik Road Safety Award 2018 are now open!